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Creative Landscaping – For Your Garden

It does not take too much effort for getting creative with your landscaping. You can just take all the old thoughts and use it in a totally different way. Find ways of making your flowerbeds all the more appealing or just turn the ground that you are currently not using into the main point of focus. Try and do things you have never tried before. Little bit of an extra effort in your landscaping projects can do wonders to your garden.

A diligent approach on your part always gives good results and gives a distinctive touch to your landscape. A good book often comes in handy, but you may also do without it. By just looking at some beautiful garden in the neighborhood, you can be loaded with ideas that can be used in your garden.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are low maintenance and wonderfully easy to create. This is a creative landscaping idea simply because it is unusual. If you have an area in your garden that slopes and has good drainage then you have the perfect place for a rock garden. The plants that are suited for rock gardens don’t like soggy soil.

You can get rock from the garden stores or use the ones which are there in the garden. You need to dig up the area for the garden and form a perimeter with pebbles. In the centre add two or more huge rocks that form the base, and go up using stones of various sizes. Remember to place small stones on top of the rock garden. Cover up the stones with sand and topsoil in all the spaces of the rock garden.

Plants that are suitable for a rock garden: Geraniums, verbena and other alpine plants are suitable for the rock garden. Do not use the variety were you have to sow seed or plants. Try bedded plants also; they are especially used for rock gardens. Compost is very necessary for the plants, add them to spaces in-between the rocks.

The only thing that is remaining is the stream. Create one with the help of plastic tube, allow it pass among the rocks and set it finally in the small pool of the rock garden. The plants receive water from the tube. A water pump is also very essential; it helps to run the water through the tube. Create it in such a way so as to create a mountain like structure, with all the untamed grass and a wild look.

Accentuate the rock garden with different kinds of rock. You can create many such small rock gardens all over the garden, in a smaller size. Create a theme for the whole garden.

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