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Lifetime Garden Sheds – Most Popular Garden Shed For Many

Lifetime sheds is a popular option for many that are looking at a simple outdoor garden shed to set up.

They have many uses. You can use the lifetime sheds as a tool shed, hobby shack, pool house, work shop, or even a playhouse. With their 10 year limited warranty you are guaranteed to get some good use out of them, no matter what you use it for.

The rugged steel reinforced polyethylene construction and the fact they are made in the USA is also great, along with the shatter resistant windows and skylights for plenty of light.

Plus the windows can be locked, protecting your tools and valuables.

Supports and trusses are steel with weather resistant, powder coated finish. The shock resistant floor is resistant to oil, solvents and stains and features a slip-resistant surface.

It is pretty much maintenance free as the rugged outer walls are UV protected to prevent fading and cracking. Which is a big seller as the walls never need painting!

It is recommended to have 2 people to assemble one of these. It takes about 6 – 8 hours.

You can assemble it yourself or hire a local handyman to do if for you. No need for a chop saw, or messy cutting tools with these garden sheds!

Most of the lifetime sheds also come with various shelving or pegboard units that are easily installed inside the walls for additional storage.

Their 8 x 10 is a nice storage shed with two doors for easy in and out. Drive your lawn tractor in one end and out the other!

Because of the natural colors of the sheds, they will blend in with any surrounding colors.

Before buying your lifetime storage shed, make sure to check out this lifetime shed info to check out the free shipping options. Check here for free reprint licence: Lifetime Garden Sheds – Most Popular Garden Shed For Many.

Enhance The Beauty Of Backyard Pond With Lights

A pool in the court at the back of your house not just provides you with a place to relax but also gives you a beautiful and nice look to it. This phenomenon dims down with the downing of the sun.

With some pond lighting, the area will stand out and continue to be a source of pride no matter what the time of day. The article below familiarizes some steps to arrange the lights in the pond.

The tools you might need while arranging the lights in the pond are floating solar pond lights, floating lighted pond fountain, electric or solar, underwater pond light with transformer and electricity source.

Having them all, you can carry on with the project. Float solar lights on the pond surface for a gently moving light display that needs no electrical connection, timers, or switches. Floating lights can be left to move freely. Using floating solar lights illuminates the surface of the water at night with just the power of the sun.

Market provides us a variety of clear and colored lights in various sizes, shapes and also in the shape of water lily and other aquatic plants. These lights are grouped like artificial plants or their attachments to lit up in the middle of the pond.

Place a floating lighted fountain in the center or deepest part of the pond for the double benefit of a light show with aeration. Fountains can give a variety of spray and light shows, come with control panels, timers, and cords, and will need an electric source and an anchor. Solar floating lighted fountains are a bit more expensive but worth the time-saving installation effort that is saved, as well as the electricity.

Install underwater pond lights around the edge of the pond just under the water for a more dramatic effect. Space lights one to three feet apart, depending on how much light is desired. Underwater lights require a fixture for the light, and a cable, plus a transformer and something to anchor the light in the pond, usually a cement weight or a stake secured well into the earth.

In addition to this, you would also require an outdoor GFCI receptacle to power the electrical lights you have installed in the pond. Make sure, you secure the GFCI outlet in a weatherproof cover.

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