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Are You Looking For Good Seeds?

Your garden flaunts color and versatility only with the use of good quality seeds. If you are a gardening enthusiast then it is important for you to know all about patterns pertaining to germination and fruiting of these potential plants. The quality of flora your garden flaunts will largely depend on the investment you make in the potential pollen. They are encased differently in different plants and dispersed as differently too. You should know your garden to the last fruit, berry and pod, since observation reveals that sometimes germination takes months, while in the case of some plants, it is a matter do days before you see the first green shoot!

You should be able to identify good natural and hybrid gaieties of seeds. They are now available in dedicated stores around the world. The best part of shopping for them today is that you can indulge in your passion for the garden 24×7! The original and hybrid varieties are easily available and commonly sown in early spring (month of March).

There are special boxes and pots now available prefilled with good quality compost available around the globe. The containers come with ingrained draining facility at the bottom. All you need to do is pot the sapling and place the container in a cool place.

The know-how of germination: Initial care involves watering the young plants well to prevent drying out of the soil. This needs to be strictly avoided since it inhibits germination. You can also experiment with germination in drills within beds and special customized garden boxes. The seedlings easy to handle and you now get them with the list of instructions to make things easier for you. You should know that seedlings with rigid outer coverings essentially need to be stratified prior to sowing them, especially during the winter.

You need to first get all you need together. Then make small holes in the box or container if it does not already have them. Thereafter place alternate layers of moist peat and good quality soil and then the seedlings at the prescribed depth. Bury the container in the ground for the winter, but after you label the species, appropriately. It is usually prescribed to place the container in corner facing the north-wall of the garden. The whole idea behind burying the containers and seedlings is to keep vermin away. Hybrid seedlings are known to generate different and rare plants, so observation pays well.

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Ideal Grass Height

Just growing grass in the lawn is not enough. It also needs to be well maintained and trimmed at regular intervals. Just as an individual requires personal attention, the grass in the lawn too needs regular attention. If it is affordable for you, you can appoint a professional gardener who will come and maintain the lawn on a regular basis. With the right amount of knowledge you too can maintain the lawn as well as mow the garden whenever required.

Mowing for different types of grass:

There are different types of grass. Red Fescue, Tall Fescue, Kentucky blues grass are some of the few preferred types. Red Fescue grass also can be sown in dry and well drained soils. It flaunts a fine texture. With no tolerance to wet soils, it can grow in hostile soils also! The mowing height of this grass is 2 to 2.5 inches.

Another type of grass is Tall Fescue which can grow in moist fertile soil. It also flaunts a fine texture and displays a high tolerance to all soil types. It is grown on slopes, banks, waterways and lawn transition areas. Mowing height of this grass is around 2 to 3 inches.

Texture of the Kentucky Blue grass is fine to medium and it grows well in fertile and well drained soil. Where there is requirement of general purpose turf, athletic fields, lawns, Kentucky Blue grass suits the requirement best. The height at which this grass can be mowed is 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

A well mowed lawn looks great:

It feels great to look at a well mowed and well developed lawn. Different types of blades are used for different types of grass. Home gardeners can use a lawn mover to keep the grass short and trim. Some types of grass need mowing at regular intervals due to their rapid growth. A professional gardener can give you easy to understand tips for mowing the garden, and on the use of different types of lawn mowers. A lot of points have to be kept in mind before you actually start mowing the lawn yourself.

The growth rate of grass will be affected by both, over cutting as well as under cutting. Overall health of the lawn is dependent on the growth rate of grass. Different species of grass grow to different lengths, and depending on the type of grass you need to maintain ideal length. If you are not aware, you can ask for information at the garden equipment shop or better still, look up the internet for detailed information.

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