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Create a Flower Garden That Draws the Birds And Bees

Flower gardening truly is an art. With each seasonal garden, you will come up with more ideas on how to enhance your backyard ecosystem. Many people enjoy reading about gardening tips on how to attract wildlife to their gardens. As a child, you may recall chasing yellow, orange and white butterflies, but perhaps you seldom see them anymore. Most of us remember our first glimpse of a tiny, delicate hummingbird or the first time a dragonfly touched our skin while we were floating on a raft at the lake. Certain plants are dynamos for luring these wonderful creatures to our back doorsteps. While you are free to incorporate whatever flowers you’d like into your garden, adding a few carefully chosen wildlife favorites will give you much more to gaze upon.

If you’re thinking about designing a garden that will draw song birds, then you can include several special shrubs, perennials, annuals, cultivated and native foliage to lure them to your property. By raising plants from each classification, you can provide seeds and fruit for all seasons to keep the birds singing year round. Make sure to provide a bird bath and toss seeds around in the wintertime to keep your bird family satisfied.

Furthermore, think about the fact that, in addition to your blooms, birds like trees for safety, nesting and cover from the weather. Often the trees even supply food like berries, sap and seeds. You can choose leafy trees like dogwood, red mulberry, American mountain ash, sassafras, hazelnut, chestnut and black walnut, along with coniferous trees like red cedar, blue spruce, American holly California juniper, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and white cedar.

You may want to also consider flower gardening to attract red ladybugs and dragonflies too. These carnivores will eat the unsightly aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitoes and other pesky creatures that are doing damage to your garden. Favorite ladybug dinners include cilantro, dill, fennel, chamomile, cosmos, geraniums, penstemon, yarrow and coreopsis. Water gardens that are generally shallow but two feet deep in the center are the best way to lure dragonflies, who enjoy a cool swim and places to hide beneath garden plants. They also like pond lilies, buttonbush, seedbox and horsetail rush, as these provide the sort of cover dragonflies like.

Naturally, flower gardening to attract both hummingbirds and butterflies is ideal. Gardening tips suggest incorporating bee balm, California fuschia, salvia, columbines, daisies, sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias, peas, clover, mint, milkweed, parsley, violets and pansiesthe to increase your odds of keeping these creatures nearby. Nature stores also sell very effective red and yellow hummingbird feeders that these little winged beauties just love. Since hummingbirds can be pretty territorial, you might want to set up more than one in different locations around the yard if you notice the birds are coming to your home.

Everyone wants their property to look its best and one of the ways to do that is to enhance your landscaping. For some great garden tips and suggestions on how to get the backyard of your dreams, check out more landscaping gardening ideas here.