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What Type Of Post Hole Digger Should I Purchase?

A post hole digger is a tool made to help one to quickly put a hole in the ground. They are used by every one from farmers to construction workers. The have come a long way over the years from hand held to ones that you can hook to the back of a tractor. They started out handheld and moved to mechanical. There are different types to choose from these are just a few.

The first post whole diggers looked like two shovels that had been attached together. You would have to drive the blades into the ground and pull the handles apart to remove the dirt from the whole. Doing this work all day was very hard. If you had a lot of holes to dig it could even take you weeks to get them all done.

The hand held was great for if you wanted to plant a few trees, or put up a small fence line. But when it came to farmers with large farm that had to put up hundreds of post, the need for something mechanical became apparent. Thus, something had to be invented that would cut holes faster and more efficient.

This brought in the hydraulic post hole digger. This tool was attached to the back of the tractor with a spinning bade on it that resembled a drill. All you would have to do is to lower the blade and it would drill a perfect hole. This made life a lot easier. This type was also made to stand by itself on three legs. It had a motor on it that would spin the blade.

Hydraulic diggers caught on very fast. They were use by farmers, contractors, and landscapers to do all kinds of jobs. The laid fence lines, planted all kinds of plants, and even set beams into the ground. This saved businesses lots of time and money. Everywhere you looked you seen people throwing down there manual diggers and picking up a hydraulic system.

Depending on the job that you are doing will determine that price that you will pay for one of these diggers. If you have small holes to make you can get blades for twenty dollars. If you have a large holes to make you can spend thousands on these tools. But it is well worth the cost compared to using a handheld digger all day.

You also have the option to rent these diggers. There are store that will rent you large equipment like this for a day, week, or however long you need one. If your business has the need for a digger everyday I would recommend buying one for your company. But, if you just need to do one or two jobs then renting one will probably be your best option.

If you are digging wholes for a living or just a few around the house you can not go wrong with a post whole digger. They are fast and precise and easy to operate. Whether you but one for you business or rent one for a certain job the money that you save in time will be well worth the cost. So get on out there, you know you want one.

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