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Ways To Ready Your Toddler To Move From Crib To Bed

Moving a child from the crib to a bed becomes a priority for many concerned parents when the child reaches toddlerhood and starts learning to climb out of it. While it may be safer to move to a bed due to safety concerns, you should also note that not all kids are prepared to leave their cribs when you want them to.

The primary issue you must do the instant your toddler exhibits signs of climbing out of the crib, is to lower the mattress as far as it can go instead of rushing out to shop for a bed. Next, you can try putting in a crib tent to make it tougher for your child to climb or leap out. In addition, take away padded and stuffed items that your toddler will step on and climb out from the crib. These are brief measures you can put in place to delay the move to a bed, if she remains unprepared to relinquish her crib.

In other words, do not rush to shop for a bed unless you still have safety issues bothering you. However, if you do decide to get a bed, it should be low to the floor to easily let your kid to get in and out plus reduce the possibility of injuries because of falls. You must also get hold of a bed with guard rails to prevent your toddler from rolling off.

To make your toddler sleep in her own bed, you can try to shop for bedding together and decorate her room nicely to make it appealing enough so that she will want to stay put in it. If you are getting a new bed, you can also choose one together. Your child will definitely be delighted with all the cute toddler beds available these days. Since the goal is to get her to sleep in her own bed, a toddler bed can be an effective way to make her lose interest in her crib.

Another advantage of a toddler bed is that you will be able to utilize back the crib mattress. Just move the mattress from the crib to the new bed along with your toddler’s crib cover and pillow. It will cut back some her fears as she will be in a position to hang on to some of the familiar things she has been using rather than the whole lot being totally new.

A sensible idea around a week ahead of the move is to obtain some story books that discuss this matter. Read them to her and clarify the reason for the move to a bigger bed. Seek to reduce her fears and make her know what is happening. You definitely do not want to press her to make the transition when the bed is assembled. Hence, do the preparation in advance before the transition actually takes place.

If your toddler continues to be reluctant to make the move, give her words of encouragement. Bring relatives and friends over and allow her to show her new bed to them. This will cause her to feel grown-up and gives her motivation to relinquish her crib. If she is still stubborn on using her crib, strive to be patient. A number of kids do develop a deep attachment to their things and it takes time to persuade them give those items up. Instead of forcing your child to make the transition when she isn’t ready, just use back the crib and try again a few weeks later.

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