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Eco-Friendly Products Keep Fountains And Ponds Clean

The gentle sounds of a decorative fountain add a restful, calming ambiance to any backyard. Keeping your fountain clean and fresh can be just as restful and calming.

While maintenance is important, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are easy-to-use products available that not only keep your fountain clean but without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Bioverse offers eco-friendly products that are 100 percent safe and natural and prevent the stains, mineral deposits and organic build up that can make your fountain an eyesore, rather than the centerpiece of your yard.

Before using Bioverse’s Healthy Ponds Fountain Water Cleaner, it is recommended that you empty your fountain and give it a thorough cleaning. Then simply fill it up with fresh water and place the cleaning packet into your fountain.

That is all that you have to do. Simply replace the cleaning packet every 30 days, and you will have a fountain that is fresh, clean and free of stains and mineral deposits.

All of Bioverse’s products are chemical-free and safe for you and your family. The products also are veterinarian approved and safe for pets, birds, fish and other wildlife. In addition to fountain cleaning products, Bioverse also offers eco-friendly, all-natural products to keep you fish tanks, koi ponds, stock tanks and more clean.

For larger ponds, Bioverse also provides the all-natural AquaSpherePRO which provides pond owners with a simple monthly treatment. Like its other products, you simply drop the sphere into your pond once every 30 days and you are done. You cannot over-treat your water.

To determine the correct dosage for your pond you should use the Bioverse Pond Treatment Wizard on its website. Here, you can view pictures to determine what type of organic growth needs to be cleared away. Then, you can calculate the size of you pond and Bioverse will provide you with the best initial treatment and what will be needed for monthly maintenance.

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How To Clean Pond And Control Algae Naturally

It is never a bad idea to clean and freshen up your pond every couple of months. It often occurs that ponds and watercourses get clogged up with organic matter. No matter what the size of your water feature you can get a clean pond naturally using Bioverse products. Bioverse have been involved with treating water for more than ten years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Environmental problems and concerns are now a common topic of conversation. We are all aware of ways we can do our bit to protect the environment. It is still common to find people using copper sulphate to remove or control algae. Now there is no longer any need to use such a potentially harmful chemical. There are natural products available that do not cause any damage.

By using a natural product you will not be harming the ecosystem in anyway. Any wetland plants or transitional species will not suffer from any cell damage. The water will become safer sooner.

There are a number of different options when it comes to Bioverse natural pond cleaning products. A lot of people choose the biodegradable Aquaspherepro. These just have to be thrown to the middle of the pond and allowed to sink. They will carry out their cleaning action unnoticed from the bottom of your pond. It is important to add a new sphere every thirty days. They range in size from 50,000 to 500,000 gallon capacity.

Apart from the spheres you can also find Bioverse products that come in pails. These involve placing a water soluble bag in to your pond. The bags release beneficial bacteria that will help to restore any stagnant pond or lake to its natural balance and beauty.

Pails can treat a larger volume of water, up to fifteen million gallons.

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