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Tantric Zen – Water Gardens: 3 Easy Ways To Enhance The Serenity of Your Patio Or Garden

Trickling and splashing sounds of water can help you calm your over-stressed nerves and create a tranquil atmosphere. When used indoors, the sounds of water are perfect to create an oasis of serenity. Outdoor use of water sounds helps in negating the unnecessary noise of traffic and barking dogs.

Here are the 3 best ways to introduce the sound of water to your outdoors:

1. Design Natural Ponds and Streams
There is not better way to imitate nature than to create a serene pond or natural-looking stream in your outdoors. Naturalistic ponds and streams are not easy to design – they take a lot of planning and effort. For the ponds and streams to appear as natural as possible, they have to be irregularly shaped and made out of natural material like boulders, sand, pebbles, or water-loving plants. The naturalistic feeling comes from designing curving and meandering streams rather than straight-line streams. It is important for water to flow continuously into the pond to maintain healthy balanced eco-system.

2. Add a Water Fountain
One of the best ways to create water sounds for your home is to use a water fountain. It may be installed or simply bought from a fountain store. Some fountain stores offer custom designs as well. When you install a water fountain in your garden, they spurting and bubbling sounds of water are bound to increase the charm of your outdoors and add refreshing Tantric Zen appeal to your garden. Water fountains simply look amazing both in sunlight and moonlight. Because of the infinite variety in which water flows through a water fountain, it creates random patterns that are bound to relax and rejuvenate your spirit.

3. Architectural waterworks
These types of waterworks are built from scratch and are not meant to be subtle. They are designed to stand out and make a statement. They are the focal point of the architecture. You may find examples on this type of waterworks outside commercial shopping centers or corporate centers. The architectural waterworks include large fountains, wall fountains, and other stand-alone water works made from concrete, stone, or modern materials like bricks and metal. They come in a specific shape, e.g. square, circle, or a rectangle, and relate closely to the home’s architecture than the landscape. They need special built-in plumbing and electrical connection. Because of the nature of these types of waterworks, they are fairly more expensive than the other two types discussed above.

Water founds an ideal medium to relax and rejuvenate. When a water-feature is placed in your home or garden and is complimented with appropriate plants, it creates an oasis of beauty and relaxation.

Great Money Saving Ideas for Decorating Swimming Pools

Just crack open the pages of any one of the popular landscaping journals and magazines. There, right before your eyes are any number of fantastic modern swimming pools all decorated up with the very latest designer features. Astounding rock work, sparkling water features and even waterfalls all combine to create a scene and ambiance that invites.

However; what the pictures don’t show, is the monumental price tags that each of these and so many other modern features carry. In deed, just like when buying a car, it’s all th extras that can drive the final price tag through the roof. Once you understand a few things about pools and landscaping through, you can shave tens and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars off your final price.

You see, the fact is that while pool contractors and landscapers will tell you that all of these extras must be added at the time the pool is built and actually attached, the truth is much different. Stop and ask yourself, “since when did everything have to be attached right to the pool?

You can in fact get the same effect of a trickling water feature costing tens of thousands of dollars by purchasing a factory built, off the shelf water feature that you can place in your landscaping right up next to your patio. The cheaper models start out at around $200 and the top, ready to go water features of this type run around $1000.

Landscape boulders can also be purchased at your local landscape supply yard and plunked around in the landscaping surrounding your pool area. So now you have the same “natural boulder” effect for a fraction of the cost. The same principle applies with a jacuzzi. Simply buy a standard jacuzzi and  have it installed on your patio and you have the same effect of a built in costing tens of thousands of dollars