Make Your Own Landscape Design

A pleasing curb side appeal is an important aspect of a property for most people. It is the first impression most people will have of a house and can have a positive and lasting impact. The right landscape design is just as important as the condition and style of the house.

Poorly designed or maintained landscaping will bring the value of a house down. Investors looking for profits in real estate often look for houses that are not well maintained on the outside, as they will most likely sell for less money and leave more room for profits than similar properties that are in better condition. Keeping the exterior of the house in good shape will not only raise the value of your property, but also make neighbors happy and bring up values on other houses in the area.

A properly designed and maintained landscape can also make a house that is for sale standout from other competing properties in the area. A potential buyer will notice that the yard has been well cared for and will often assume that the house itself may be in better condition than others that may not look as good from the outside. This can really help a house move more quickly in a stagnant housing market.

The location of the property will help dictate the materials you incorporate in your landscaping. Properties in arid climates will require different designs and materials than those in other areas. Sprinkler or irrigation systems should be designed accordingly. The plants and other greenery, such as grass or trees, should be chosen with your local environment in mind as well.

Businesses that specialize in plants and landscaping, such as greenhouses, are excellent sources when designing the right landscape. They can help you choose the right combinations of materials you will need to complete your project. They can also provide instructions on the proper care and maintenance of your materials.

The layout of the property will also be a factor in the design of the landscape. Steep properties may need to be leveled by back filling and adding tiers to certain areas of the yard. This may require bringing in loads of soil and building a number of retaining walls from stone, concrete blocks or railroad timbers.

Borders to separate areas of grass from plants, bushes and trees are also something that can be incorporated in your landscape design. Borders are often made from stones but can also be constructed quickly with landscaping timbers or metal rails. These borders can be shaped to fit your requirements and can make the landscaping much more interesting.

Inside these borders, the plants you have chosen can now be installed and colored mulch or rocks can be added as needed to complete the project. Ivy is another popular choice in some areas, as it is a hardy plant that needs very little maintenance. A landscaping project can be completed fairly cheaply and, with the proper design, can really add to the value and appearance of your home.

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