Good Pruning Time

Shrubs are basically plants with much defined and individual characteristics. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some shrubs have woodier stems with divided branches some have small leaves while some others have flexible and soft stems. The stems of shrubs have an upward growth.

Some of the shrubs have the characteristic of sending out new, straight branches from the base. It is necessary to remove the tips of these stems. When this is done the lower buds are stimulated to grow. The lower buds are located at the nodes or point where leaves are attached to the branches and stems. Each point produces one to three buds.

Take the help of an experienced gardener:

Only an experienced gardener is able to understand the individual growth of plants, the plant types and their natural shapes. He has the right idea of pruning time for the plants. Different responses are elicited from plants when they are pruned in different seasons. Pruning helps the plant to concentrate its energy in the remaining parts as a result of which latent and dormant buds get activated to grow. Care should be taken while pruning a plant because this process involves the removal of the tips. It is hence important to decide the right season and time to prune plants as new tissues can be formed then.

Pruning depends on flowering time:

It is before midsummer that some shrubs like the Philadelphus and Forsythia flower need to be pruned. Such shrubs should be pruned once they flower to enable new growth. Before they bloom the following year, the new growth has enough time to mature. Some shrubs like Floribunda roses flower after midsummer. Such shrubs should be pruned in spring or winter and will bloom inn the next season once the new growth takes place. Evergreens can be pruned, shaped as well as smoothened, mid spring. It is only after the frost that young shoots would grow.

Some very old shrubs need to be cut at least 30 to 45 cm above the ground so that they get a new lease of life. For plentiful growth at least 50% of the plant should be cut in a year. In the next year the remaining branches can be cut, after which vigorous growth takes place. The best pruning time is before the bud blossoms. When bad weather and vandalism damages your plants, you should surely prune them, but be precise by using a pair of good, sharp secateurs.

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