Mending The Sprinkler Pipe Simply

A broken sprinkler pipe can be a major headache. Not only because it turns your garden into swampy land, but also because broken has pipe wasted a lot of precious water. Moreover, a leaky pipe may damage the nearby foundations as well.

Read on to learn how to save money by repairing a broken sprinkler pipe yourself. Make sure, you have all the things required while making repairs. Like in this case, you will need PVC pipe, PVC sleeve connectors, PVC pipe cutters or hack saw, PVC glue, PVC primer and safety glasses.

To fix a break in PVC, the most important step is to turn off the sprinklers; if you don’t this could be a very hard task. Turning it off can be done by either turning off the water supply to the house at the city meter or shutting down the shut off valve connected to the sprinkler. Moreover, it is also recommended to wear the safety glasses while performing such types of work.

Fixing the pipe would require you saw the damaged part of the pipe. So, make yourself fully accessible to the broken pipe. Also, make enough room for yourself to carry out the project conveniently.

First, cut away enough pipe length so that the coupler, new section of pipe and slip-fix (fully compressed) can all fit. First fit the pipe without any glue to have the idea whether the pipe is nicely fitted or not.

Having, acquired the exact pipe length that is needed, coat it completely with the PVC primer. Allow the set up to dry completely.

Put the PVC glue on the outside of the pipe and inside of the straight connectors and slip them together. Work quickly because the glue sets fast. Then put the section you just glued in the gap you just created, repeating the gluing procedure.

Make sure, the glue has dried up completely. Avail the water supply to the sprinkler after ensuring the arrangement is fully dried. At last, check your sprinkler pipe for leaks.

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