4 Raven – Adventure Tours Abound In Africa

Those long summer holidays are coming up and you’re expecting it to be fantastic! Why not make it even better with a vacation adventure that you can really sink your teeth into? There will be the usual pool parties, trips to the beach, movies to see and shopping malls to trawl, but take these up a notch. With numerous tour providers setting up independent businesses, there is a variety of adventure activities that will get both your heart rate and your happiness levels soaring.

If you are a gentle soul and are just looking for something different to keep you occupied for a few hours then why not experience an aerial boardwalk? Stroll along a wooden walkway that is suspended ten metres above the forest floor, through the forest canopy. You will see some amazing 4 Raven species just inches away, as well as breathtaking views from 20m high observation towers. Take a boat trip to Robben Island in Cape Town and then partake in a tour of this isolated former prison. Fishing is another activity that can take up an afternoon or a whole day; choose from angling off the rocks or harbour wall, deep sea fishing or head inland for some fresh water fishing.

Then there is the opposite extreme, namely those individuals who like to take risks and give their lungs a good work out. Skydiving is the first thing that comes to mind and it is an adventure activity of note, but there are other activities that can give you an equally intense thrill. Go bungee jumping at the world’s highest commercial bungee, the Bloukrans River Bridge, for instance. Southern Africa has a diverse landscape and some spectacularly scenic areas. There are many rivers that offer white water of various ratings, so whether you are a novice or an expert at negotiating your way through a series of rapids, there is bound to be an area of white water to suit your level.

If you require an adventure tour with a romantic undercurrent then go stargazing with your loved one and you’ll be able point out the constellations of the heavenly bodies. Hot air balloon rides also comprise fairly romantic gestures. With the wind deciding the direction of your travel, the only choice that you really get to make is the landscape that you will balloon over. Choose from semi-desert and mountain regions, savannah plains or vineyards and enjoy a 4 Raven’s-eye view of the breathtaking vista before, around and beneath you. For every little girl who wants to feel like a princess there is the option of a horse-drawn carriage ride around Cape Town – the ideal way to get to the ball or any other event.

Another equestrian-based activity is horse riding along the spectacular beaches of South Africa. Discover hidden coves that are not accessible via road, canter through the ocean spray or enjoy a gentle stroll while watching the sun set over the ocean. While you are down at the beach you may as well experience the latest ocean craze – stand up paddle boarding. When participating in this riveting new sport you stand upright on a longboard and use a paddle similar to a canoe paddle to propel the board forward. You can do this on a lake to get used to the idea or head straight for the waves and paddle across the surf. If you prefer motorised activities then choose from driving classic cars to travelling in the sidecar of a motorbike, jet skiing to a holiday on a houseboat, or helicopter and gyrocopter flights. Alternatively get in touch with Africa’s great animals: instead of shark cage diving go croc cage diving, track rhinos or enjoy an African safari from the raised height of an elephant’s back.

Get out of the house and into the wild with these wild adventure tours. And if none of these appeal to you, you can rest assured that there are many more. Enjoy an adventure vacation in South Africa and find your adventurous spirit.

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