Building a Simple Chicken Coop

You can go about building a simple chicken coop, and it won’t even cost you that much money to do so. This was you can get free eggs from those chickens and enjoy them. Perhaps even look into selling some later on. However, you may not have known how to build that chicken coop so you just never tried.

But the truth of this type of project is that you will not need to spend a lot of money, and use anything really special to build it. Instead you will only need to focus on making something that will be able to provide shelter.

Heck you can even use one of those old lawnmower sheds to build a coop with. But making a nicer coop you can head to a lumberyard and buy some wood. Or if there are any locations where a new home is being put up, head over and look for spare wood.

See if at the lumber yard they have those pieces of scrap that they plan on throwing away. The same with the home site if you find extra wood there. You will be able to use this wood, and it won’t cost you a cent, plus keep it from filling up a landfill.

If you’ve found a construction site also see if you can use some of the leftover shingles they may still have. Since they will normally only be thrown away they will usually allow you to have whatever they don’t need any more.

To place your chicken roosts there are several choices of material that you can use. Pick a two by four, small tree branches, or even two by twos. Just make sure that you are placing them in the right place. For a small chicken house you will not want to place it above the area that you will be gathering the eggs. While larger coops the perch shouldn’t be set above where you’ll be walking.

Windows can be found cheaply by checking you local thrift stores. But first step to this project is placing the frame up. Depending on the size of coop you are planning to build will make up how big of framing job you will have.

After you have the frame built, you can start to secure those walls and floor to it. Materials that you use can be old boards or even plywood if you run out of boards. After you have the building done you will put those perches up. Now you will need to install those nesting boxes inside, and place straw in them.

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