Cutting A PVC Pipe In An Accurate Manner

The plumbing jobs are considered complicating and risky by the homeowners. However, the cutting operation of the plumbing pipes is one job that is rated low in terms of complexity. The enthusiastic homeowners face the harsh reality of the trade when they come across one such task. The homeowners make faulty apprehensions and end up spoiling the operation as a whole.

The modification of PVC pipes is considered easier and simpler than that of the copper pipes. Beforehand, plan a course of action for achieving the required accuracy.

Start off by assessing your collection of tools and equipments. A power miter saw would be able to cut the concerned length of PVC pipe in no time. The operation of power saw requires minimum of expertise and knowledge. However, necessary safety precautions need to be taken.

The main problem with the power saw is that it is very expensive. Due to this reason, majority of the households don’t equip such a power cutter in their plumbing tool kits. Even if you don’t have one such tool at your disposal, you can accomplish the concerned job with the regular plumbing tools available.

Take out ruler from your plumbing tool box and determine the location from where the PVC pipe needs to be cut. A margin of few inches needs to be left on the approaching length of the pipe. The length of the pipe fittings or connectors adds up to the evaluated marginal length. Tag the area with the help of a pencil or plumbing tape.

Wrap duct tape over the specified area. Once again, use a pencil to mark a line along the specified boundary. Remove the duct tape and prepare yourself for the cutting operation. Hold a hacksaw in your one hand and support the PVC pipe with the other hand. Alternatively, you can place the PVC pipe on a bench vise. Tighten the grip of the vise on the pipe by knobbing down the vise.

Start cutting the pipe along the defined markings. Allow the blade of the hacksaw to penetrate into the pipe.

Be patient while cutting the PVC pipe. Slow and accurate operation would lead to lesser blurs in the pipe.

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