Tips On Finding The Age Of A Roof Leak

When it comes to the problem of roof leaks, the actions must be specific and immediate. Any delay in the course of action may prove costly for the structural integrity of the roof structure. Before commencing the task, it is very important to evaluate the intensity and age of the concerned leak.

The attic space or the crawlspace of the home could give an idea about the intensity of a particular roof leak. However, the age of the roof leak cannot be detected with a casual inspection job. One has to follow certain tips to notify the age of a particular roof leak.

Take a ladder and rest it against the external wall of the home. Climb up to the edges near the gutter. The edges are lower than the standard roof edges. Observe the top of the shingles of the concerned area and see if they are saturated or not. It could be a possible case that the surface of shingles looks discolored and weary while the underside looks sound. If the surface under the shingles is free from any moisture then a recent leak is detected. If you are able to pry up the shingles easily then the aged leak is detected. On the other hand, the stiff or rigid shingles which look strongly attached to the surface of the roof are young and recent.

Next, move over to the top of the roof. Inspect the sound state of the flashing sheet. Restrict the examination to the flashing around the dormers such as vents, chimneys, pipes etc. The physical condition of the roof can tell a lot about the age of the concerned leak problem.

Again, inspect the area to see if the flashing sheet is discolored or not. Along with the discoloration signs, look for the moisture molds under the sheathing or over the sheet. If you fail to spot any moisture molds then the concerned leak is relatively new. On the other hand, the detection of moisture spots along with a muddy discoloration of the flashing area indicates an old leak.

Now, move to the attic space or crawlspace of the home. This is the best place to determine the intensity of damage caused by a roof leak. In addition, the intensity of damage points towards the age of the concerned leak as well. The network of trusses and frames needs to be examined to find out the age of the leak.

Check the state of the plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheet to evaluate the age of the concerned roof leak.

The presence of water or moisture in the wooden segments would lead to a musty odor.

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