Ways To Insulate Metal Roofs

Nowadays, people all over the world are breaking the conventional barriers and are using metal roofs confidently. Conventionally, metal roofs are not used because of the noise they produce in bad weather conditions. However, the irritating noise can be dealt with proper insulation. Insulation also increases the efficiency of the metal roof. The materials used for building metal roofs are copper, aluminum or steel. These are installed in the form of panels.

Use plywood or oriented strand boards to cover the roof. Fix plywood boards to the roof with galvanized nails as they are not prone to rust. Always install the plywood boards in perpendicular direction to the beams.

Cover the sheathing of plywood or strand boards with building paper. The building paper secures the sheathing from any kind of air-leaks or moisture. Overlap the seams of building paper approximately six inches and staple them to the sheathing with stapler or nails.

After covering the sheathing with the sheeting paper, install rigid foam insulation sheet all over the roof. Make sure the sheets are closely stuck together but avoid overlapping them.

Protect the joins between the sheets of insulation using a duct tape. This extra layer of duct tape on seams will not allow the air and water to enter in. This would enhance the insulating efficiency of the roof.

Here are the steps for insulating an existing roof. First of all, inspect the roof from inside the attic. You would witness a plywood roof sheathing maintained by a structure. The horizontal supporting members are purloins and the other members are rafters.

Fit fiberglass bats into the gaps between purloins and plywood. Fitting the fiberglass bats too tightly can diminish the effectiveness of the fiberglass insulation.

You can use rigid foam insulation if the gaps between the joists and plywood boards or (sheathing) are wider. First of all, cut the sheets of insulation into suitable sizes and then put them into place and fix them using adhesive or staple. Do not use nails for fixing work as nails can perforate the insulation sheets which in turn results in leaks.

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