Fix Sink Clogging On Your Own

Clogged sink is one of the worst situations that have to be faced by the persons living in the home. The water spreads all over the place and you fail to do anything until a plumber arrives. The situation worsens further when the plumber charges you with high amount of money. So, here are some steps that would prove handy while tackling such undesired situations. Moreover, you would save yourself some money by undertaking the task yourself.

Get off with the plungers for the trivial trouble as it would not ask you to unplug the whole sink. Do not use the plungers harshly as it may damage your sink. Adding a little bit of water to sink bowl would be handy.

If the plunger fails to serve the required purpose then try force cup plungers. Try with force cup plungers about three or four times before halting and then check whether or not water is draining out. If the trick works then double check by turning on the faucet and ensure that the fixed segment doesn’t clog again.

If still the problem is not fixed then it asks you to clean the sink trap or more precisely p-trap. The clogging may be in the p-trap. P-trap is down the sink along the drain pipe where it curves. With the help of a pipe wrench, unscrew the p-trap.

Gently remove all the waste out of the p-trap which is clogging it. A cleaning brush would be handy for the task. After removing all the waste materials, clean it with water. Now, reattach the p-trap and check again by turning on the tap.

Now, tie up the p-trap in place and check for clogging. If the clogging persists then the clog could be located down the pipe after p-trap. Now is the time to use the plumber’s snake. It is a cable that goes down the drain pipe and cleans the clog. You need not more than 25 feet of this cable.

It is very safe to use the protection gear while applying the plumbing snake. For example, gloves and goggles should be used to protect your eyes and body parts.

Call the experts if the problem looks in tact. Choose someone who is dependable and reliable.

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