Make Way For A Shelter On Your Porch Area

The porch of the home may be modified to render a calm space to the house. Often, the homeowners choose to leave the porch unsheltered. Even the homeowners who park their vehicles in the porch avoid the construction of an additional shelter. Instead, they go for the associated covering or blanket that comes along with the vehicle.

A roof on your porch becomes a lot more significant when you are living in extreme weather conditions. For instance, extreme heat of the summer season could damage the belongings placed in the porch of your home. Plants and vegetation would suffer a setback due to the alienation of the growing medium. Furthermore, the rainstorms and hailstorms would not do as much damage as in the case of unsheltered porch. Constructing a roof over your porch is one job that doesn’t necessarily call for the involvement of an expert.

Start off by evaluating the structure of the new roof. Plan a rough layout of the roof architecture and note down the supplies that would be required during the project. The posts of the new roof need to be installed on the ground. Hence, tag the spots where the support posts for the new roof would be rooted.

With the help of a digging tool, dig a hole in the ground. The hole should be 18 inches deep such that it engulfs the base of the support post completely. Prepare some cement mixture and pour it into the hole. Along with that, insert a long bolt into the cement bed. Now, leave the setup to dry off completely for about 24 hours. Next day, install a post bracket over the planted bolt. Connect the posts to the base bracket appropriately.

Take out your measuring tape and calculate the length of the column that is not required to reach out to the roof sheathing. Use a circular saw to cut out the additional length of the support post.

Now, build the trusses and frames for the base of the new porch roof. The job may become complicating for a novice and hence, the guidance of an expert must be availed.

Attach a drip edge and install the shingles one by one on the roof area.

Finish off the task by painting the roof according to your personal likings.

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