Plan Trees And Shrubs In The Garden

One of the most essential tools a gardener has is the electric trimmer or a good pair of garden shears. Trimmers and garden shears are most suitable for trimming of formal hedges. Trimming is also an art which if one knows well can surely boast about it. Privets, boxwood and Eugenia are some which need to be sheared on regular basis so that their shape is maintained. Straggly growths do not look appealing and it would be a good idea to prune such growth by using a pair of secateurs. Trimming may not be required in some of the informal hedges, but it is a better idea to trim any unpleasant looking growth.

Be careful while trimming:

A soft and natural look can be given to the hedges by regular trimming. While trimming flowering blooms one has to be careful, because if they are trimmed they will not be able to produce too many blooms. Secateurs should be used to trim hedges of evergreens and conifers like the laurel, acuba, and rhododendron. Cuts can be made on the wood as these have very large leaves.

Trees usually grow into their natural shapes and do not require trimming. During winter you can chop off the diseased and dead branches or maybe a branch that crosses over other branches etc., otherwise pruning is not at all required.

Trimming encourages healthy growth in plants and trees:

Trees like plum, ornamental cherries and peaches which have been grafted face problems like the rootstock suckers. The rootstock suckers could come from below the grafted area, or below the trunk or the ground which need to be cut back to their point from where they originated. Once you trim the hedges new growth will emerge with flowering shrubs in spring. To allow proper sunlight on the leaves, trimming on the side of the hedges should be done at an angle which is condensed at the top and wider at the base. Make sure that shears and secateurs have to be disinfected after every use.

Completely dead trees which are also called as snags should be trimmed off and should not be left after the branch has been cut off. If left as they are they lead to the spread of diseases in the tree. If any large cuts have been made on the tree then it is necessary to use bituminous paint over the cut area to prevent diseases from entering the tree. It pruning and trimming is done at the right time of the year then there are lesser chances of the tree getting infected.

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