Creating A Money Making Internet Business

If you are like millions of men and women out there and are tired of the daily grind then maybe it’s time to create a money making internet business. But, where do you start? In this article I want to give you an outline to follow that will help you to pick, create and succeed with a money making internet business of your own. Let’s get started . . .

The first step in creating your internet business is to pick a product or a topic that you like (or want to learn about). After picking your product sit down with a pad of paper or your computer and write down as many keywords that would be associated with that product. For instance, if you chose “golf” as your internet business then you may write down:

“How to learn golf”

“How to play golf”

“I want to learn how to play golf” and so on.

You need to create as many keywords as you can think of. And, think like a person searching for your topic. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what YOU would search for!

Now that you have a list of terms and keywords, it’s time to do your homework. Head to your favorite search engine and type each of your terms in the search box to see what pops up. Your goal here is to scout your competition and see what they are doing. See what they are doing to create a money making internet business and let their websites spark further ideas for your money making internet business!

Now here’s the real key to your success. If you really want to get good at making money through an internet business then you need to focus. Specifically you need to focus your niche down to a point where you become a true expert.

In other words, if you choose to wrap your business around “golf” you will have a tough time getting noticed in a sea of competition. However, if you focus on “custom made golf shoes” or “19th century golf clubs” or “how to make more putts” you can start to become the best at that specific market niche. When in doubt, you should ALWAYS focus on a narrower niche than a broad niche. It’s just much easier to get noticed and become an expert that way!

Now that you have created your niche and researched your competition you have done most of the work. Now comes the time to decide how exactly you are going to create a money making internet business out of this narrow niche. And, you have two choices. You can either create the product yourself or become an affiliate (i.e. reseller) of somebody else’s product.

I would highly suggest that you first choose to become a reseller of somebody else’s product because it is typically too difficult to create your own. As you gain more experience you can add your product to the mix as well. So, head back to your favorite search engine and type in your narrow niche keywords such as “custom made golf shoes”.

When you do this you will find many distributors of this niche. Head over to their website and look for a link that says “Affiliate”. This is typically found at the bottom of their website but if you can’t find it then contact them directly. I will tell you that almost all companies have an affiliate program that allows you to promote their product for a commission.

Your choice now is to take your affiliate link and promote it directly through paid or free advertising methods. Or, if you have a website or blog you can promote your link from there. And, you can typically add banners or small ad links throughout your site as well. The good news is that you can have a money making internet business WITHOUT a website or blog. All you need to do is promote your link and the company you chose to work with will process the order and handle everything. By the way, this is my preferred method of making money on the internet!

Let’s review what we spoke about. First, pick a topic that you have an interest in. Second, narrow that topic into a niche. Third, find an affiliate program that you can make money with just by promoting your chosen market niche. And that’s it! It really is a simple formula for creating a money making internet business. The problem is that most people try to overcomplicate it and then they typically quit too soon. Don’t be one of the 95% who fail just because they don’t try hard enough!

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