Steps To Demolish An Old Shingled Roof

Sometimes the homeowners may wish to demolish their old roof just for the sake of changes. The old roof may be posing problems of frequent leaks and seepages. Hence, you need to make way for the new roof to replace the old roof. The first step in the project covers the demolition of the old roof. The uncertainty of a roof demolition job asks you to be proactive while handling a particular task.

However, following proper safety measures would ensure your safety as well as the safety of the roof architecture. Kick off the campaign by evaluating the complexity of the job on hand. Observe the different segments of the roof and gather some information about the underlying layers of your roof framework. The large-sized roofs may put you in a spot of bother with their demolition jobs. In case the roof is small then go ahead with the course of action.

The efficiency of the roofing tools and equipments plays an important role in the success of the project. Since the roofing projects are susceptible to accidents and fall downs, purchase or rent a roof climbing kit in advance. Along with these, the safety gloves and goggles are regular in the scheme of things.

A scaffolding network needs to be installed before climbing on the roof. Such a setup would offer you an easy access to all the areas of the roof. Furthermore, it ensures the safety of the worker by eliminating the possibility of a fall down. Plant the roots of the poles firmly on the ground such that scaffolding doesn’t shake or wobble under weight.

Make way for a dumpster unit and place it in a convenient location on the ground.

Ground a ladder to the scaffolding and climb up to the roof. Position your self comfortable on the top of the roof with the help of ropes. Tie the other end of the rope to the ridge or other structures of the roof. Start off by disassembling the topmost layer of shingles. Use a pry bar toll to remove the shingles one by one. Once all the shingles are disposed off, start removing the layer of cedar (shake) shingles or plywood. To do so, take a crowbar tool and uplift the pieces one by one. Cut out the units of trusses by following a certain technique.

Similarly, remove the other components using the same set of tools.

Wash off the roof to clear all the nails, garbage and foreign materials.

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