Himfr.com Reports ZTE Held Cloud Computing Technology Forum

Cloud computing technologies in research and development with great concentration, nearly 6 years later, ZTE has recently held in Sanya, Hainan cloud computing technology forum, the forum theme of “cloud computing key technologies and business applications.” Internationally renowned companies IBM, EMC Dengjun participate in the forum to speak, with researchers from Tsinghua University, China Committee of Experts on cloud computing cloud computing experts to explore key technologies and architecture design in the telecommunications field.

With the full IP-based telecommunication networks and broadband development, telecommunications technology and IT / Internet technology that merges with each other trends. Cloud computing has been more recent concerns of the telecommunications industry, drawing on the development of the Internet cloud computing idea, the telecommunications network resources (including computing, storage and software services, etc.) to organize the use of cloud computing has become the new telecommunications network planning and construction of trends.

The emergence of cloud computing makes it possible to access various services via the Internet, and can achieve the requirement to pay on demand, with the convergence of telecommunications and Internet network development, cloud computing will be common across the telecommunications and Internet technology. The technical architecture of its success will help the telecommunications industry to improve efficiency, reduce costs, sharing of resources. Cloud computing has become the most popular technical words, and even praised as “the next generation of the Internet business model after,” and by Google and other Internet companies, and AT & T and other telecommunications companies vigorously sought after.

Business Research Institute, ZTE Lu Ping, said: “Cloud computing key technologies, architecture design and business models for the design and operation of telecommunications products have a good reference value. Traditional telecom products are based on the fixed telecommunications network architecture and user scale design, a fixed capacity and user traffic model case, has a good application, but the system lacks scalability. “

In his speech, pointed out: “With the development of the telecommunications data services and Internet class of business applications, the original design patterns, there are many problems, such as smooth expansion difficult, not on-demand services, low utilization, while the use of cloud computing virtualization and distributed technology, can achieve pool of system resources, effectively and improve resource utilization, increase the flexibility of software systems to better serve the telecommunications and Internet users. “

He also said that as early as in 2003, ZTE began to set foot in cloud computing model to study and explore, and by virtue of inherent advantages of the telecommunications industry in the future of cloud computing technology continues to lead. ZTE recently in a number of occasions to explore cloud computing in the telecommunications industry, business model and key technologies, issues of telecom equipment vendors chasing cloud computing signal. IBM and EMC were cloud computing business applications and cloud active advocate of the area of storage security, this forum represents the telecommunications industry to some extent a variety of roles in the cloud computing in a common dialogue

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