Stop! Before you take the shovel, before you plant a single herb. Stop to consider why you want an herb garden. What are your intentions for planting these marvelous plants?

Are you planning on using them both fresh and dried for culinary purposes — to add to your meals to enhance the flavors? Are you planning on making flavored oils or vinegars to present to friends and family members as gifts (while keeping a couple stashed for yourself?)

Or have you discovered the many natural health benefits of herbs and would like to grow your own to brew teas, infusions, pastes to use to help your minor health conditions?

Oh, yes, it does matter! First, you may be planting totally different plants if your aim is to embolden your entrees than to empower your health.

Here are just a few of the different “classes” of herbs, each used for a different reason”

Culinary herbs — sometimes referred to as sweet herbs – are those plants, whether they be annual, biennial or perennial, that have tender roots or ripe seeds. They also possess an aromatic flavor (yes, they smell darned good!) and they have a great flavor.

Medicinal herbs are grown with the intent of eventual use to remedy specific health conditions, from serious heart related problems or the pain of arthritis to loss of energy or memory.

Ornamental herbs. Just as the name implies, these herbs are grown with the intent of pure enjoy. They’re cherished for their beauty.

Then there are the herbs that are grown in order to enjoy a great cup of tea. And believe it or not, there are gorgeous, imaginatively designed gardens, grown for this express purpose.

The herbs you ultimately grow depend on large part, which class of herbs you want.

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