Garden Storage Shed

Gardening has become a hobby like by most of the people. It’s fun and interesting. But with gardening one need to take into note lot of other things that are required like the garden tools, pots, mowers, fertilizers etc.Now all these items may not find place in the house and so a separate space has to be needed for them. So to keep these garden accessories that may not find its place the house, we need to have a garden storage shed. Here we discuss about the advantages of having the garden storage shed and also know few of those types.

The basic advantage of the garden storage shed is that we can keep storage of all those plant fertilizers. It is important to keep these fertilizers far from the reach of children or animals. To gather further information about the garden storage shed, one can do a Google search and can get lots of information about them. One can build the sheds by following few basic guidelines or can get a ready made garden storage shed from the market available in various shapes and designs. Most of the sheds are made of wood, but we have storage sheds that are made of metal or plastic. Metal is mostly preferred for those gardeners who stay in storm hit zone or hurricane affected areas.

A garden storage shed size selection will depend on the type of items that will be stacked in it. For items like flower pots, garden tools or garden utensils, a small garden shed is enough for it whereas if one wants to keep the big items like the grass mower or the snow mobile then they should look for a bigger spaced storage garden.

The Garden storage sheds are available in lots of architectural shapes that will match your home design and color also. One can consider using the gable roof style storage shed since it provides ample space for keeping larger tools and other big items like the bikes.

One needs to consider the dimensions of the shed before planning out for the one. Since you will find lots of sizes and shapes in the market that will make you confused on deciding which one to install in the back yard. In such cases, you have to take into account the amount of space it requires and check it the same areas is available in your backyard or not. To fix or install a garden storage shed one also has to take permission from the local authorities since there are laws or licenses required for building a shed. However in most of the countries such laws or licenses are not required.

A garden shed plan has to be required for building the garden storage shed. We have mentioned in brief about some free garden storage shed plans that will help you or guide in building the storage shed-

Basic Garden shed – It’s an 8*12 ft size shed that will feature double doors, gable roof, windows to allow light and doors. It allows enough space for allowing those lawn mowers and other heavy tools or equipment.

Three-in-one Garden shed – This is a multipurpose shed that allows all items under one roof like those pottings, tools, mowers etc

Garden tool shed –

It is a well designed garden storage shed that neatly allows you to place those garden tools like the shovels, rakes and hoes. The garden tools needs to be carefully maintained and stored to increase their life.

Simple Redwood Cedar Shingle Garden Shed

This shed made of red cedar wood fits nicely at any corner of the home garden and it gives a good look. The process of building it takes a long time.

Large Storage Shed – Firewood Storage

It is shed reflecting colonial style having storage for firewood too. It offers plenty of space to keep your garden tools and also space for the fire wood, stove etc.

Garbage Can Storage Shed

It is a small storage shed that looks cute and hides all your garbage that comes from the garden.

Easy Outdoor Garden Shed Plans

It is a large garden storage shed that can be used a children’s playroom or enough space to keep those power equipment like the generators.

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