Dealing With The Lawn When Back Off Holiday

Everybody loves a bit of sun, sand and sea but the weather is always miserable when you get back, plenty of rain is beneficial for plant growth so when you get home and put the kettle on you’re greeted with a jungle of a lawn.

Sometimes the biggest problem is the mower you use and many cylinder mowers can have rollers which causes problems by flattening the grass before the blades can cut it. Some people remove the roller assembly and control the height of the grass with pressure applied downwards on the handles.

Many people try and cut the grass too short too quickly which is a common mistake. Ideally the grass should only be cut by 1/3 of the total length at any one time otherwise it may weaken and kill the grass. It may be tempting to cut it all at once but it is worth being patient. Cutting a small amount off will also make it easier and mean you don’t have to empty the mower every length of the garden.

Keep the grass clippings off the grass is a good idea to avoid hindering its growth. Once the grass is cut you should apply a liquid feed with a watering can to help re-establish and preserve it. A few days after the first cut the grass may discolour but the feed will help counteract this.

The next step after this is to check the grass for weeds, if there are only a few it’s fine to use a weed stick to kill them but if there are lots all around the lawn a weed killing spray can be the best method. It is best to maintain this throughout the year but especially after mowing the lawn for the first time in a while.

If bare patches have developed on your lawn it may be worth reseeding it using some form of rapid lawn seed to get it to match the rest of the grass.

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