Search Engine Marketing | Four Best Reasons to Use Blogspot. By Mike McCoy

There are two major blog creation services out there and now I think Blogspot has finally come in to it’s own. Most free blogging software of the past was either lacking in popularity or the ability to do what you wanted to do with the blog. You were locked into very few options that you could not change. This is fine for some people, but for people who are in the business of making money online, this will not do. It is our ability to stand out among the crowd that gives our blogs true power. In this article, I would like to share four reasons why Blogspot can be a powerful tool in your blogging arsenal. ” FREE: The software is free and, unlike other blogging software like WordPress, the hosting is also free, so you do not have to register a domain and pay for hosting of the blog. If you do have hosting and a domain registered that you want to use, you can always use the redirect fucction on your cPanel to redirect your website address to your Blogspot blog. ” Networking: Blogspot as a huge community due to it being owned by Google. Blogspot has a search function that you can use to find similiar blogs in your niche and also leave feedback and comments with your Google ID. That way when you comment on people’s blogs it will show them who did it and also provide a link to your blog. ” Google Owned: Blogspot is owned by Google and therefore you can log in using your Goolge ID and also use all of Google’s tools seamlessly with your blog. This makes it easy to use other webtools that Google offers such as Adsense, analytics and their other publishing tools. ” Fully customizable: Years ago one of the major advantages WordPress had over Blogspot was that it allowed you to do almost anything with your blog. Nowadays though, with all the third party widgets, templates and scripts, you can do nearly everything with Blogspot that you can do with WordPress and some of the features are even more up to date than WordPress. Also many of the popular WordPress templates have been converted over to Blogspot. With all of these points to consider, making the switch to Blogspot was an easy decision for me to make. With the low price tag, the full customization capability and the interaction with all the other Google tools, this one was a no-brainer. So if you are currently blogging or thinking about adding an all-important blog to your Internet marketing campaign, then Blogspot is for you.

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