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Top Ten Tips For Constructing Wooden Sheds

There’s no doubt that wooden sheds make a great focal point for your backyard that you will be drawn to. So if you are thinking of building your own wooden shed for your backyard, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are a few tips that are sure to help you become a happy shed owner:

1. Choose a Purpose

Whether its going to be a nice place for you to relax, enjoy a favorite hobby, or simply store your pool equipment or chemicals, knowing how you will use your shed is an important starting point. Once you know this, all the rest will fall into place.

2. Its All About The Location

Do you want your shed to be able to move (just in case) or do you want it to be in a permanent spot? Determining this will affect how it is to be made. Keep in mind that tree branches over the shed will be messy with debris and bird droppings.

3. Site Prep

Prepare the site properly by giving yourself the time to do it right. Your site should be cleared of rocks, large debris, and plants. Sloping the ground slightly downward towards the back of the shed ensures proper water drainage.

4. Choosing Shed Plans

Good plans include detailed drawings of the difficult (or intricate) parts of the building process. They should also include photos of the completed shed as reference.

5. Purchase a Shed Kit

You can purchase a shed kit right online if you don’t have the time to build from scratch or you feel you don’t have the skills it takes to construct a custom shed. The benefits of a shed kit are that they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and they go together really fast.

6. Use Cedar as the Best Material

Cedar is resistant to rot and insects which make it a great material to use for wooden sheds. And the overall appearance will make your shed a major focal point of your yard.

7. Get a Helping Hand

Having an extra hand to help with the construction of your shed will not only make the job go faster, but it sure makes it easier as well.

8. Plan Ahead

When you are building your shed, now is the time to prepare for electricity or plumbing that you may want to add in the future. Planning ahead makes things go a lot easier later on.

9. The Difference is in the Details

Hinges and door closures are not the place you want to skimp on. You’ll be much happier with the results of your shed if you use higher quality hardware.

10. Don’t Underestimate the Value of Small Spaces

You know the spaces between the studs? Those are the perfect spot to add 2×4 shelves to hold all those smaller objects.

Before you build your own wooden shed, visit Robert Iverson’s site: Best Wooden Sheds for more tips on planning, constructing and enjoying wooden garden sheds.

The Many Benefits Of Wooden Sheds

So you can’t seem to part from all those precious tools you hardly use anymore. And, you can store them in your wooden shed out back, but your shed could be used for SO MUCH MORE than just an area to store tools. There are several different purposes for sheds and all it takes is a little modification.

Garden sheds are perhaps the most popular types of sheds and they seem to have a natural fit located next to the garden. This makes it really convenient for storing your garden tools and gardening supplies. And, its a breeze to pot all your plants with an added workbench. You can actually feel a connection to the past with the character and charm of many of today’s garden sheds.

There are a lot of other purposes for sheds as well. As an example, pool cabanas are actually sheds that are placed near the pool. They are made to store all your pool toys, supplies and cold snacks (with the addition of a small refrigerator). Your kids won’t be running into the house all wet anymore. And all the pool chemicals for your pool can be stored in the cabana away from the house.

Sheds are perfect for artists’ studios and for kids playhouses because of their size. And, with the addition of a few pieces of furniture and other accessories, a wooden shed makes a great little sanctuary.

If you are seriously considering building your own shed, there are a couple of alternatives for the kind of material you can build it with. If your shed is going to be in a highly visible place, I strongly recommend building it from wood for aesthetic reasons, if nothing else.

Your other alternatives are metal and plastic. Metal is strong but they can get really hot, especially in warmer climates. Plastic is going to be your least expensive option and they are virtually maintenance free.

Assuming you’ve made the decision to put a wooden shed in your backyard, you’ll need to decide if you are going to hire someone to build it or if you will tackle that challenge yourself. There are a LOT of shed kits available out there for you to choose from if you feel comfortable enough with your carpentry skills. And, its much faster and easier to build a shed from a kit than it is making it from scratch.

So, its important to step back from your project before you get too deep and evaluate what its purpose will be. The rest will fall right into place.

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