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Walk Behind Mowing Options

If you want a perfectly mowed lawn then you need a lawn mower. Mowers provide the convenience of being able to mow the lawn or the garden well and whenever you wish to. The traditional method of mowing grass can be very taxing, even if it means regular mowing of a smaller piece of land. Different types of lawn mowers are available today and you can select the best one for your mowing needs. For a smaller lawn a smaller lawn mower like the ‘walk behind mower’ is required and for a bigger lawn you can purchase riding mowers which are best suited for mowing larger areas.

Purpose is important:

Knowing the purpose of a lawn mower will enable you to use the most suited one accordingly. Depending on your garden type different tools are available in the garden shop. Specific garden machines are required for specific lawns. It is essential to differentiate between a garden and surrounding terrain and accordingly work different mowers in the area. Consider the blades, engine type and the ‘riding’ and ‘walk behind’ mower types and accordingly purchase the one that is most suitable for your garden area.

Walk-behind mowers are also called push mowers. These mowers are suitable for homeowners who want economical mulching mowers as well as quality products. They have the capacity to ‘bag’ or side discharge and are a great tool for maintaining a good looking lawn. Grass gets cut well and it is easy to use, giving you total control over the machine.

Area of your land matters:

Different types of walk-behind mowers are available including the mulcher, side discharger and rear baggers which stores cut leaves and grass in a specific bag. This can be emptied out when full, manually. The engines start at around 3.5 horsepower and are never bigger than 7 horsepower – just enough to do the mowing job in your garden.

Depending on the model, grass can be thrown either on the left or right. Cut grass can be stored in the mulcher as a nutrient for the garden. Cut grass need not be thrown; it provides sufficient nutrients for the stimulated growth of healthy new grass. If you have one to five acres of land at your disposal, you can use walk behind mowers, and if you have land bigger than that then you will require riding mowers. Online resources help you choose the best one.

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