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How To Place Shrubs

Shrubs have always been an attraction in any garden. Almost every garden boasts of having a few trees and a selection of various shrubs. Hydrangeas, lilacs and crabapples are some of the flowering ones which function as the main attraction in a garden along with the rest of the assorted trees and plants. Many of the flowering trees with their colorful flowers and height add grace to the entire landscape.

Boundaries can be the prefect location:

If you are thinking of creating a shrub area in your garden you can plant them along the borders on their own or as mixed borders – with other plants and perennial plants. For mixed borders you can use the rhododendron or ornamental pear shrub. They can be planted near the boundary of the garden as a ‘screen’. An obstruction or the corner of a building that detracts the beauty of the garden can be masked by a well positioned shrub or tree.

A huge shrub can also form a windbreak! When planted against the house they help in breaking the intensity of strong winds and keep the place shaded and cool too. Trees with denser leaf growth help in blocking harsh sun rays from entering the house. Compound walls or the wall of the house are enough for the wall shrub or climber to get on.

Create a focal point by growing a shrub:

Whether the shrub enhances the look of the building or not, depends on the architecture of the building. Walls add a new dimension to small gardens. Vines and climbers can be guided along to trail all over them. The garden bed is then free to grow different types of flowering trees plants and shrubs.

A shrub with colored and attractively shaped leaves can be planted in the lawn as a focal point. They can also be used for the purpose of ornamentation, preferably those which have no straggly branches and look attractively neat. If they are planted near a water body or a rock garden they look gorgeous. Some of them happily grow under the shade of bigger trees while some of them need open, sunny areas. A ground cover shrub also looks attractive when planted between larger trees and small plants, as they form a nice green carpet to sprawl on! Soil cultivation is not necessary and the ground cover shrub also helps in suppressing the growth of weeds.

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