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Water Gardening – How to Get Started

Since we’re still early into the new year, why not make something different this year by making your backyard a little different and unique than before? One different thing that you can do this year is water gardening.

What exactly is water gardening?

One of the easiest way to think about water gardening is to imagine plants sitting on top of a pool of water, as many have not seen it first hand, it is no wonder that if you ask for advice you’ll mostly be given confused stares instead. The simplest way to do so is to have a pond in your backyard and start planting on it.

If this is your very first time, try to start out on a smaller pond instead of a huge one. This way if you do not like how it looks, it would not take you a lot of money to get it removed, and you also can expand it later on if you want to.

Having a body of water in your own backyard is not as easy as just digging and filling it up with water, because the water will ultimately seeps back into the soil. Therefore you’ll need to use a liner for your pond, which can be obtained from your local garden center, think of it as a smaller version of a swimming pool.

After you have fit the hole with liners, you are ready to start planting! One of the easiest plant to start off with is water lilies. Their unique root system is what made them float on the surface, and they usually comes in a variety of different colors!

That being said, remember that they are very delicate and can only live in warmer weathers, therefore it is perfect for summer gardening display, but not so much when winter comes.

There is a drawback from having a water garden which is the possibilities that it might attract mosquitoes in your backyard. This usually happens during warmer weather and thus make sure you know how to handle it effectively.

Aside from water lilies, you can even consider other type of water plants, you can find some that does not float and they too will be beautiful to look at even though they’re submerged!

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