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Light Up Your Patio

Your patio is part of your home’s personality. In addition, if your home’s personality is the kind that makes you and your guests feel at home, you’ll want your patio lights to do a little more than just keep you from falling on your face or into the pool when it’s nighttime and fun time. You’ll want your patio lights to reflect you.

You have put so much to reflect you when doing your home; you want your patio lights to reflect it. However, they come in as many styles and with as many accents of their own as did you and your home. Choosing the light that does it without exaggeration will not be easy.

It will be easier than you think. You are not limited to one kind. You can work with a string of lights, basic party lights, umbrella lights, or even all the above-and any one or combination can be made to fit your deck. Which means fitting you.

Unless you want to leave it as just a round of bulbs glowing-suggesting nothing more than the place you hang your coat, eat, and sleep. No, you don’t want to go there. This is you. This is your home. You live here. And you want everything to show it. Including your patio lights.

Maybe you’re the hopeless romantic and you want a string or two of appropriate patio lights. You can opt for the flower look or the holiday globe look. (As in, the light globes that look as though you had extra Christmas tree ornaments to string up.) Maybe you’re the horticulturist to whom there’s no such thing as too few flowers. There are hundreds to try. You might be the rugged outdoors type–lanterns should work. You might be the genial host with two or even three patio tables for your parties-those umbrella lights are looking better every minute. Just like a classy pool club.

In addition, they all look great when it is party time. You have a good group of people joining you for an evening of good drink, good food, good talk, good everything. What do they want to see when they come? They want to see an atmosphere that makes them feel right at home with you. In addition, if you have made your patio lights look like you that are exactly the ways they will feel. Now, just step into the lights and be you

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Solar-up Your Garden

As the use of LED lights and solar cells continues to grow, so also does the opportunity for solar decorations in the yard. From solar-powered water fountains to solar-powered gnomes, there are creations for every age, taste, and time of day.

A trademark of many gardens and patios is the solar lantern staked into the ground. While one of the first solar lighting products on the market, lanterns still remain popular and are available in an incredible variety of styles and materials. Many sets now come with a single and movable solar panel, which allow for lanterns placed in shadowy areas to still burn brightly at night.

Low voltage string lights are a natural evolution of solar power in the backyard. The solar panel can be placed in an area of maximum sun exposure, and the entire string will sparkle evenly long after sunset. Styles run from simple white holiday lights to large and colorful Chinese lanterns.

For landscape lighting of plants, trees and garden decor, directional solar lights can provide a convenient solution. Freedom from an outlet allows placement of a landscape light anywhere the sun can reach, with potential for lighting on all corners of a property.

There is something magical about the running water of a fountain being powered by nothing more or less than the sun high above. These soothing garden sounds can be enjoyed minus the guilt of pulling excess electricity from the grid. Placing multiple fountains by doors and windows brings the sound of running water inside the house.

Many are re-discovering garden decorations brought to life by the use of solar power. For example, kissing fairies once hidden after sunset now have their snowy faces illumined by the light of a glowing orb. Likewise, a trio of gnomes hold lit lanterns high to see the trail ahead. The whole yard can indeed be a wonder at night.

For the backyard connoisseur who must have it all, a solar patio umbrella provides both an attractive and practical solution. During the day solar cells gather energy as the umbrella provides shade; during the night LED lights on the underside of the umbrella provide light for meals and socializing. The system can be turned off at any time and the solar cells will continue to gather energy.

As a final step, check the sales rank of products to help find the best solar landscape lights on the market. Adding motion, sound and lighting to the yard without the guilt of wasting energy provides a special satisfaction. In addition to bringing enjoyment, it can also be surprisingly easy and economical.

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