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3 Great Reasons To Install Retractable Garage Screens This Summer

With spring slowly but surely approaching, this is the time to start thinking about those spring projects you’d like to complete round the home. Now’s the perfect time to begin planning for a number of reasons. First, because summer is still a few months off, early planning permits you to work out just what you need to do, and where to get the best supplies at the best prices. And 2nd, tax season is just around the corner, meaning tax return money that may be used for getting those supplies acquired early. So as you’re thinking about what spring projects you might like to do, consider Stoett’s retractable garage screens, as well as the top three reasons why these should be at the top of your spring project list.

Reason 1: springtime weather. While spring brings warmer temperatures and blooming plants, the weather can still be a bit unpredictable. But after being stuck inside for 3 months or longer, you probably have cabin fever and need to get out of the house and into the fresh air! So the only solution for unbalanced spring weather and cabin fever is to spend some time in the garage, where you are shielded from the spring elements but still getting that Vitamin C. Available to fit any size garage opening, retractable garage screens let the air and light in, while keeping the bugs mud out.

Reason 2: Getting the automobiles ready for summer cruising. For so many folks who love vehicles, the arriving of warmer weather signals that it is time to get the autos cleaned and ready to cruise. And whether or not that cruising takes you cross country on Route 66, or simply downtown to show off the old hot rod, it’s good to be in a position to have a dry, clean place to get your vehicles prepared. Retractable garage screens let you turn your garage from simply a parking spot, to an ethereal, open place just excellent for busting out the Armour All and shop vac.

Reason 3: Spring cleaning. A tradition as old as mom’s being tired of the junk that amasses over the winter, spring cleaning is always right around the corner when the weather warms up. And whether the garage is part of your deep cleaning list, or the area where things are going to be moved to, it needs cleaned out. But who needs to be stuck inside anymore than they have to? With retractable garage screens, you can still tackle the years of flotsam that have piled up in the garage, while still feeling the spring sun and clean air.

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So there you have it, the top three reasons why adding a retractable garage screen to your garage opening should be at the very top of your spring to-do list. Whether you are compromising with cranky weather patterns, getting your sweet ride prepared for summer trips, or spring cleaning, retractable garage screens are the best way to do all 3, while still enjoying the hotter temperatures.

And who knows? Maybe you will get a new use for the garage when your new retractable screen door gives you the best of both worlds – the outdoors and the indoors.

Garden Tools From the Kitchen Drawer

Why go and spend a fortune at the nursery on new tools, when there is probably a wealth of unused stuff tucked away unused in your own kitchen, or someone you knows kitchen that will more than adequately do the exact job you want, without having to spend a cent.

Just make sure that anything taken from the kitchen really is not wanted there. As well as the fact that such stuff is on a one way permanent trip out to the garden shed.

Here are just a few suggestions of stuff that are useful kitchen refugees,

Old dinner knife for digging weeds out from between concrete sections or pavers.

Old kitchen fork for light weeding in around tight places or where you do not want to disturb root systems that are close to the surface.

Good sharp kitchen knife or a pair of kitchen scissors are great fro dividing up clumps of plants, or for taking cuttings off of a branch.

Kitchen tongs can be used to pick up thorny cuttings or to help you repotting thorny plants like cacti.

Serving tray or placemats to keep things organised or for carrying produce, cuttings or even weeds.

Potato Masher for pushing past a thorny plant or rose.

BBQ or Carving Forks for digging out stubborn rooted weeds and root vegies.

Kitchen funnels for pouring various liquids into containers or for accurate pouring around plants. or to get seed or even small screws & nails into storage packets or bottles.

Chopsticks make great little pot stakes (metal and wooden skewers work too), or construction sets even for some jobs.

I’ve seen bamboo placemats and chopsticks cut down to make scenery pieces for bonsai planters, along with old aquarium ornaments.

Set of measuring cups and measuring spoons are great as scoops for fertilizers and potting mixes.

Icecream or soup scoops for measuring and scooping potting mix in around new potplants.

Egg rings and biscuit cutters for shaping growing fruit just for fun, or as a simple handheld hoe for light weeding in around plants.

So theres a few things which can obtain a second life out in the gardenshed and garden, nstead of being stored for years in a drawer, or being thrown out or passed on to a charity store.

The Bare Bones Gardener is a qualified Horticulturist and a qualified Disability Services Worker. He hates spending money on stuff which doesn?t live up to the promises given. So he looks for cheaper, easier, simpler or free ways of doing the same thing and then he passes these ideas on to others.

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