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Beauty And Tradition Is Why Teak Furniture Is The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

Teak is certainly not a new wood. It has been used for making everything from furniture to boats over the years. Even pieces that were made years earlier can still look just like they did when they were originally made. This lasting quality is one of several reasons why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

Teak is a variety of hardwood that has been valued for years. The popularity only keeps growing. Many people consider the purchase of teak to be a status symbol for how well they are doing. Outside elements do not harm this wood. In fact, the elements can add to its beauty.

Being insect resistant has definitely contributed to its popularity. Insects, including termites, do not do it harm. It contains oils which help it to stay as good as new. The color of honey is how it begins, but as it gets older it turns to a silver grey color. This grey color can be a good thing. It helps to make the wood even sturdier and insect resistant. Some people will only purchase pieces that are already this color. Other people want it to remain its original color. This can be easily done by using restorative techniques. It does not matter if it has already turned grey; it can be treated so that it looks brand new.

Benches, sun loungers, tables, and Adirondack chairs are all popular pieces of furniture made of this wood. Even some shade umbrella holders use it because of its strength.

The maintenance for this type of furniture is very simple. Actually little to no maintenance is needed. You might want to wash it when it becomes dirty with water and a gentle soap. This is all the work having this furniture involves. It has a vast supply of its own natural oils, so no oiling is needed. The natural oils help to make it even stronger. It is best that steel wool and pressure washers not be used. They can cause damage to the wood. There are ways to restore the the wood to its natural color.

To keep the original hue, teak sealers can be purchased. If you do not want to use soap and water for cleaning, there are teak cleaners as well. However, these cleaners are not really necessary. If the furniture has already aged to its silver grey, one can get it back to the original. Sand paper with extremely fine grain can be used. Just be careful and do not over do the job or you might cause damage. After preparing with sand paper all that is needed is to clean and seal.

Teak is exceptionally durable. It can last for decades with very little care. It can be placed anywhere outside and be just about forgotten as far as maintenance goes. About the only down side is the more expensive cost as compared to other woods. However, with the high quality it demonstrates, the extra money is probably worth it to buy something that can literally be passed down through generations.

Teak has stood the test of time and passed quite graciously. That is why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

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