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Instructions To Convert A Chandelier To A Swag Lamp

Astonishing feature of the home lighting fixtures even make a dull place to bright. One can undoubtedly choose chandeliers so as to enhance the appearance of their drawing rooms. These are a great source to make every place bloom.

Chandeliers meant to be directly wired into the ceiling and are not an option for those who want to mess with the wiring. Even if something goes wrong with the chandelier, you cannot cure that unless you check the wiring placed under the ceiling. This seems quite a troublesome task. Also, the chandeliers are operated from a breaker and are not plug- in cord type. But, you have far better option than laying the circuitry under the ceiling. You can convert the existing chandelier into the swag light.

Converting the chandelier into the swag light don’t require you to be an electrician. Rather, one can simply do the task. Moreover, all most all the home improvement stores provide the swag kits. For those who want to convert their chandelier into the swag lights can refer the steps below in the article.

Firstly, strip off one inch of wire covering from each of the wire that extends to your chandelier. Take notice of the special markings or the wire color so as to connect them properly. Swag light kit consists of an electric cord which is further connected to the wires of the chandelier. Make use of an electric tape or plastic wire caps to insulate the wiring.

Now, the next step is to install the cord cover. In order to cover all the electrical wires, cover them with the cord cover. Further, thread the cord with the chain so as to hang the fixture with the ceiling.

In order to prevent the heavy chandelier from falling onto someone’s head, two different hooks are installed. First hook is installed at some stronger ceiling stud or the joist to which the chandelier thereafter is fastened. Second hook is then placed at the ceiling near the electric outlet.

Hang the chandelier with the first ceiling hook and drape the excess cord to the second one. The hook can now, adequately support the weight of the chandelier.

Now, plug in the cord into the electrical outlet and inspect your installation by turning on the chandelier. Make sure, you connect the wires properly matching the colors.

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Installing The Track Lights Simply

Bored with the same boring look of your home, you can now add some elegance that can simply refresh your place. Track lighting is the one of the best things that helps you to beautify your home. There availability in large variety of bright colors and designs and styles are worth appreciating. These look great in drawing rooms, hallways, kitchens and porch.

Well, when it comes to installing the track light in our homes, it is not a complicated task. Therefore, homeowners find no problem in installing them. Here are some of the installing steps that will help you to understand how the system fits together and will make rest of the task easier for you.

Track lights are generally come in two different patterns that is wire- in connector and the floating connector. Although, the types are different yet, the installation process for both of them are same.

First and the foremost step is to turn off the power supply from the mains. Determine the place where you want to install these lovely light fixtures. Go up to the ceiling and mark the places with the pencil according to the holes of the track lights. Drill the holes that you have marked earlier.

Now, connect the track light connector to the house wiring. For this, you just have to connect the similar color wires together. Join together the black wire with black wire, white with white wire and the green wire with the copper wire in the junction box. At last, tightly screw them with the nuts.

Installation of track lighting ends up here. Since these are available in large variety, be sure that you choose the one that suits your place. So, selecting the right type of track lights that match your surrounding is very essential.

Installation of track lighting ends up here. Since these are available in large variety, be sure that you choose the one that suits your place. So, selecting the right type of track lights that match your surrounding is very essential.

However, it is advised, if you feel uncomfortable working with the electricity, do not attempt to install the lights by yourself. Call in an expert as he can rightly accomplish the task.

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