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Tips for Buying a Log Cabin for Your Garden

The cost of log cabins varies greatly depending on the kinds of logs which have been used and the size of the property. You will find that those cabins that have been built using handcrafted logs will cost much more than those where the logs have been milled.

Therefore, before you actually go ahead and get a cabin built from logs it is crucial that you actually know what the difference is between milled and handcrafted logs. Those that have been milled will have been placed through a sawmill, lathe or planer. This will ensure that they all come out in the same uniform size, shape and have the same profile.

Logs, which are milled to help extract moisture from them, will either be allowed to dry in the air or be placed in a kiln. The time it takes for the exact amounts of moisture to be removed depends on the size of the log and the method of drying used. But by extracting moisture from the wood helps to prevent too much shrinkage occurring once, the cabin has been constructed.

The actual surface of these kinds of logs will be flat on the top and bottom of each one and they may also have been coped. In some cases, a tongue and groove joint will also have been inserted so that actually assembling the cabin together is a lot easier. Plus it helps to make a much more rigid and strong. These logs can be left with a rougher side to offer a more rustic look but can also be sanded smooth.

In most cases, the trees from which the wood for these types of logs used are pines, spruces, firs as well as cedars. For a cheap but well built milled cabin, buy one made from either pine or spruce. However, if you have a little more money in your budget then consider getting one made using cedar instead.

Now let us look at a cabin that is made using handcrafted logs. These will have been prepared by either being hand peeled with a drawknife or water peeled. The logs used are only a matter of days or weeks old after being cut down so will still be green. Because of the size of the logs this ones are usually allowed to dry in the air as kiln drying is a very expensive process. Also there are not many kilns are available that these sizes of logs would be able to fit into.

As well as pine and spruce being favorite trees for making handcrafted log cabins from other trees that are used are the Douglas fir, Oak, Juniper, Cyprus and Alpine Fir. The last tree mentioned is also known as a True Fir.

As mentioned the cost you pay for buying and having log cabins constructed will not only depend on the way in which the logs have been prepared. You also need to take into consideration the size of the cabin you are having built. The bigger the cabin then the more labour intensive and the more logs will be needed in order to build it. If you want to save money but would like a large cabin then you are better off going for milled rather than handcrafted logs.

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