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Chicken Coop Yard Designs: Even If You Live In A Town

If you’d always thought that raising your own chickens could be too difficult when you live in the city, then chicken coop yard designs might be just for you (so long as your city allows for you to keep farm animals).

The neighbors don’t like it when they’re woken by roosters, which is why some cities don’t allow them. This is why you’ll want to check laws before you begin.

Why Have Your Own Hens?

The main reason that individuals desire to keep chickens in the town will be so they can have access to fresh eggs all the time. But sometimes people just want to take a part of the country into the city. You can save money by producing your own eggs, and you can even make the whole project cheaper by joining along with your neighbors and planning on keeping chickens together.

Building A Home For Your Chickens

The best place to start is with chicken coop yard designs that help you out on your journey to keeping hens. These sort of plans are easy to follow, so building your own personal coop isn’t as much of a massive task as you might think. And you’ll benefit from ensuring your coop comes out exactly the way you would like it.

A chicken coop yard design should avoid overcrowding by giving enough space to each chicken. Crowding can lead to sickness among the hens, and they’ll stop laying eggs. Around four square feet of space, or more, is required for each chicken you propose to keep – so this information should help you decide upon the quantity of chickens you will look after.

If you reside in the north and have weather involving snow and ice then you’re also likely to have to consider the insulation of the coop to make sure your chickens are always warm. You don’t want to be forced to bring them in the house. You’ll should also be sure that systems are set to keep the coop cool during the summer.

If you wish to create a home for the chickens on a budget then that’s perfectly possible. Try to make use of recycled materials when you’re building it, like leftover wood that you have from other home projects.

Chicken coop yard designs should always include adequate ventilation for the chickens to prevent them getting sick as ammonia builds up. The most suitable option is to follow an expert plan that ensures your coop has all the features it really needs.

City dwellers really can look after their own chickens! Don’t be put off by all the fancy chicken coop pictures you might have been looking at. Learning how to build chicken coops is so much easier than you might think, and you’ll be enjoying fresh eggs for years to come!

Eco-Friendly Products Keep Fountains And Ponds Clean

The gentle sounds of a decorative fountain add a restful, calming ambiance to any backyard. Keeping your fountain clean and fresh can be just as restful and calming.

While maintenance is important, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are easy-to-use products available that not only keep your fountain clean but without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Bioverse offers eco-friendly products that are 100 percent safe and natural and prevent the stains, mineral deposits and organic build up that can make your fountain an eyesore, rather than the centerpiece of your yard.

Before using Bioverse’s Healthy Ponds Fountain Water Cleaner, it is recommended that you empty your fountain and give it a thorough cleaning. Then simply fill it up with fresh water and place the cleaning packet into your fountain.

That is all that you have to do. Simply replace the cleaning packet every 30 days, and you will have a fountain that is fresh, clean and free of stains and mineral deposits.

All of Bioverse’s products are chemical-free and safe for you and your family. The products also are veterinarian approved and safe for pets, birds, fish and other wildlife. In addition to fountain cleaning products, Bioverse also offers eco-friendly, all-natural products to keep you fish tanks, koi ponds, stock tanks and more clean.

For larger ponds, Bioverse also provides the all-natural AquaSpherePRO which provides pond owners with a simple monthly treatment. Like its other products, you simply drop the sphere into your pond once every 30 days and you are done. You cannot over-treat your water.

To determine the correct dosage for your pond you should use the Bioverse Pond Treatment Wizard on its website. Here, you can view pictures to determine what type of organic growth needs to be cleared away. Then, you can calculate the size of you pond and Bioverse will provide you with the best initial treatment and what will be needed for monthly maintenance.

Trey Casselman likes gardening and writing. For more information about how to clean ponds or to find products such as fountain algae, visit the Bioverse website today.