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5 Tips To Make Organic Gardening Easier

Organic gardening has many advantages and this article will offer you 5 tips to make organic gardening easier.

Organic Gardening Tip #1:
Mulch your trees and flower beds with 3″ of organic material. When you use this organic gardening tip you will be able to add humus and nutrients. You can also conserve water and keep weeds at bay. If you are growing plants that need acid you can use a thick layer of pine needles. Organic gardening with pine needle mulch will be perfect if used in the fall because over the course of the winter they will decompose and the needed acid will be added naturally to the soil.

Organic Gardening Tip #2:
You need to maintain healthy soil if you want to be successful at organic gardening. The most important step in maintaining healthy soil while engaged in organic gardening is to keep on top of pest management. When pests are controlled in organic gardening the plants will be healthy and more able to withstand insect and disease damage. If you are bothered while organic gardening with aphids you can spray the infested leaves, stems and buds with a diluted solution of soapy water followed with clear water.

Organic Gardening Tip #3:
Try composting as part of your organic gardening regimen. When you make composting part of organic gardening you will improve the texture, soil structure and aeration. Composting also increases the capacity for the soil to hold water. There are organic and natural ways to fertilize when you are organic gardening. Try these instead of chemical fertilizers.

Organic Gardening Tip #4:
Organic gardening gardeners should always keep in mind the best plants for their soil, sun, temperature range and shade. All these factors come into play while organic gardening. Choosing well-adapted plant types is a way to ensure successful organic gardening. When you landscape your yard using organic gardening strategies you can increase your original investment by as much as 200%.

Organic Gardening Tips #5:
Organic gardening shade gardens are low maintenance. You will need less water and have fewer weeds to deal with. Speaking of weeds; try using full-strength household vinegar on a sunny day. Just spray on the plants and you have an organic gardening solution that is safe for people, pets, wildlife and the environment.

These organic gardening tips should come in handy for all organic gardeners, novice or experienced alike.

Cindy Mauro has been an organic gardener for many years and enjoys sharing her tips with others. She is a contributing author at 4BestGardening.com For more gardening tips go to: Gardening Tips