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Victorian Greenhouse

The victorian greenhouse is a popular and common backyard greenhouse. The victorian greenhouse is a good sized, sturdy, attractive greenhouse. The Victorian greenhouse is an excellent choice for avid gardeners as well as hobby gardeners. Use this backyard greenhouse to start seeds, grow year-round plants, shrubbery, specialty flowers, ornamentals, and so much more.

The gable roof on the victorian style greenhouse makes it more efficient to cool and heat, saving you money. The straight sides on the Victorian style greenhouse make it easy to move around without hitting your head on slanting side walls or the roof. This backyard greenhouse is basically easy to build. They can be as fancy or as economic as you want it to be. Even if you have little money to invest into your backyard greenhouse you can still have a great Victorian greenhouse. If you build it out of wood or pvc and enclose it with polyethylene film or reinforced fiberglass panels you have a nice looking Victorian greenhouse that was cost efficient.

If you have the money to invest into a victorian greenhouse you can have a very nice version of the victorian greenhouse for the fraction of a kit or hiring someone to build it for you. Build it out of iron, aluminum, or wood and enclose it with plexiglass or glass. Only basic skills are needed to build the victorian greenhouse. If you can use a saw and read a tape measure then you can build your own greenhouse. The only tools needed are those that come in a basic carpenters set.


A screwdriver set


Measuring tape



Often times the place you buy your materials from will cut the materials for you so you will have little cutting to do on your own. This will save you time and make building your victorian greenhouse even easier.

You will save a lot of money building your own victorian greenhouse compared to a kit or hiring someone to do it for you. If you have some help and a free weekend you can do this in no time. You will have a great feeling of accomplishment when you are done building your victorian greenhouse.

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