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Gardening Tips To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

The garden can serve as a peaceful retreat or a source of stress, depending on whether it has been invaded by hungry four-footed creatures. Gardens contain a delectable array of plants and vegetables for deer to enjoy on a daily basis. In order to prevent any garden from being descended upon by these animals, it is necessary to incorporate some deterrents. Several common gardening tips to keep deer out of your garden are listed, but conduct some further research to find the best method for you.

Deer are not easily deterred by fences and they are certainly not timid when they are hungry. The hungrier the deer, the larger quantity and wider variety of plants and vegetables it will eat. Deer in one part of the country enjoy delicacies foreign to other parts. There seems to be no catchall solution to deterring deer from the garden, but here are some tips.

Avoid the use of arborvitae, Fraser fir, and fruit trees as well as roses, hyacinth, chrysanthemum, tulips, and daylilies. All are much too tender, smooth, and filled with flavor for a hungry deer to resist. As are apples, hosta, lettuce, peas, corn, beans, broccoli and berries such as raspberries and strawberries, which should also not be planted in deer territory.

If these succulent vegetables and fruit just cannot be parted with, then the use of other deterrent tactics will be necessary. Deer do not like human or animal hair, so spread some around the plants in the garden. Purchasing chemical repellents online or from the neighborhood garden shop will also do the trick. Thorny plants and those poisonous to deer such as autumn crocus, columbine, or daffodils will cause deer to nibble once then not again.

Floodlights, whistles, electric wires, flags, and sprinklers placed within the general area of the garden will also serve to deter deer from entering. If these do not do the trick, try mixing up some homemade deer deterrent and spraying it on the garden plants. Concoctions such as hot-pepper spray, soap and water, and rotten eggs and water will keep deer from chewing where these are sprayed, as will other sprays available commercially.

Distraction is always a good tactic, so plant some of the deer’s favorite munchies in an area of the yard far away from the location of the garden. However, keeping the deer from entering the garden in the first place is usually the best tactic. Fence in the garden using fencing that is at least eight feet high, extends underground, and has gaps smaller than 6×6 inches. Strategically place tree branches, thorns, or netting in order to provide obstacles for the deer to jump the fence.

These gardening tips to keep deer out of your garden will help you rest easily at night knowing that no four-legged friends are having a feast in the yard. Using the deer deterrent sprays and adding a fence to the yard will help to keep deer from entering the area. The garden will bloom uninterrupted throughout the seasons for many years to come.

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