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The Right Deer Repellent Recipe Can Do Wonders

While there are many commercial grade repellents on the market, the casual gardener can save quite a bit of money by concocting his or her own version at home. All of these are relatively simple to make and will aid in the protection of any vegetable or flower garden. A deer repellent recipe consists of common household products coupled with food items that are normally readily available in the average home.

By using these natural recipes, a gardener can give an added level of protection to any plant under his or her care. These natural recipes ensure that no harm comes to either the animals or the plants themselves. Many of these measures are quite noxious but are in no way toxic to any of the creatures that may ingest them.

Some of the most common recipes include the use of kitchen spices such as cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic, and Tabasco. Think back to the last time you ordered hot wings and they were entirely too spicy. Odds are good that you never ordered them from the same restaurant again and this same basic experience is what deer have after one bite.

Each of the mixtures, while having different ingredients to create the bad taste, all have a single ingredient that aids the mixture in adhering to the plant. The use of eggs or cooking oil is quite popular in these mixtures, to help them stick to the plants. These help the mixtures stay on the leaves even through the occasional watering or light rain.

A heavy rain or repeated watering will require that the mixture be reapplied. However, the items used to create these mixtures come at such a low cost that repeated reapplication should not be an issue. There are also other mixtures that may be created using household items that will achieve the same effect.

The most prevalent of these methods is to use a mixture of water and dish soap. This can be applied to the plants without any fear of any damage occurring to them. Many people remember what it was like to have their mouths washed out with soap after saying a bad word and this is the basic effect that this has on the deer.

One other common household item that is very effective in repelling deer from gardens and trees is common deodorant soap. The soap emits an odor that deer find quite offensive and strategic placement of bars around the area will help deter them from ever entering the garden. This method is one of the preferred methods for the National Forestry Service, due to its effectiveness.

There is a deer repellent recipe designed to fit almost any gardener’s needs. Many different recipes may be found by going on the Internet and browsing Web sites that offer this type of advice. A little research goes a long way in effectively deterring deer and other animals away from the garden.

If you are looking for a deer repellent recipe make sure you visit our site. One of the most effective and cheap ways to keep the deer away from your plants is to make and use some of the recipes people have been using for a very long time. Try the one with rotten milk or the rotten eggs.

Deer Repellent Recipes Can Protect Your Garden From Deer Damage

You have finally purchased the perfect property. There is plenty of space out front for the kids to play and lots of land out back where a beautiful garden can be planted. After all, what is better than home grown fruits, vegetables and herbs to liven up a great meal? You wander out into the back yard only to find that the local Bambi has helped herself to your latest bounty. Don’t get mad, get even with an effective deer repellent recipe.

When deer get into a garden, the havoc that they reap will often drive a person insane. Once they recognize a spot that proves to be a good feeding ground, they will come back on a regular basis and eat everything that they can find. It is best to deter them right away and make the plants as unappetizing as possible to them right from the start.

The best deer repellents will make the plants very unappetizing to a deer and keep them from feasting in the area. There are basically two different varieties of deer repellent to choose from: are and contact. Used together or separately, they can prove to be a great way to keep your garden in great shape.

One of the most popular homemade deer repellent recipes is made from a combination of eggs, hot peppers and garlic. The combination of the egg with the spice makes the plants just about inedible as far as the deer is concerned. Other effective ingredients will often involve dish detergent. The drawback to homemade repellents is that if the mixture is off, they may not be very effective and they have to be applied frequently.

Major brands are very abundant and it will take some digging to find the ones that actually do work. Deer repellents such as Deer Guard have a great reputation and this is the kind of product that you should be looking at. There is no mixing and messy chemicals to deal with, just spray it on the plant and for the next few months, you will have no worries.

Contact repellents seem to be a much better solution, specifically the store bought ones. Area repellents, if not placed properly and completely, can end up being avoided by the deer. They may actually realize that the smell does not present a danger and still come into the garden. A contact repellent makes the actual plants taste bad to them and is therefore a more effective tool.

It is almost a sickening feeling to come home and see that your garden has been ravaged by deer. They don’t just nibble, they devour whole plants and absolutely destroy the garden. In order to prevent this, use a deer repellent recipe to keep them away and allow your garden to reach its full bloom.

Homeowners create many different deer repellent recipes and use a variety of deer repellents to keep the deer away from their yards. Visit my site to find out what others are doing and see some of the deer repellent test results.