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Fish Pond Installation Tips And Tricks

A dramatic way to enhance the beauty of your property is with a fish pond. Not everybody has a large property, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, a pond can make it even more attractive. But fish pond installation requires that you make a substantial commitment of time and effort. You will need to choose a location, build the pond, and then maintain it so that it remains a delightful addition to your landscape.

Putting in a fish pond will make a big change to the look of your property, so take some time in choosing a spot. Be aware that once it’s in, it’s there for a long time, unless you’re willing to go to the hassle and cost to relocate it. Your fish pond will have to be located somewhere where there’s enough room for both the pond and any landscaping features you may wish to put around it.

Be aware that you should never locate a pond below a tree. Trees are constantly dropping needles, leaves or cones. And when they land in your pond, it’s going to mean more work for you to clean them out. If you don’t, the plants and fish in your pond will definitely suffer. You should also locate the pond in a location where it will receive direct light, which is essential to the health of both the fish and the plants.

After you’ve selected the location for your pond, you need to look at the size and shape which is suitable for your yard and the look you are trying to achieve. Think about what kinds of plants and fish you would like to display. A koi fish pond, for example, has to be considerably larger than a goldfish pond. Hard shell pond liners are available in a wide range of shapes, like oval, round, rectangular, and square. Another choice is a flexible pond liner that provides you more freedom in creating your own shape.

Now you need to think about the upkeep of your fish pond. There’s no doubt that you want it to look its best at all times. However, you should also consider the health and wellbeing of the fish and vegetation. It’s important that you don’t neglect to feed the fish and clean the pond. Learn about the proper care of the species that you plan to stock, as well as the requirements of the aquatic plants that will form part of the pond.

As you can see, there’s a considerable amount of time and energy involved in planning and installing a pond, and there’s also the upkeep to think about. So it’s essential that you’re truly committed to the whole idea before proceeding. However, if you’re up for the challenge, you will be able to look forward to many years of pleasure from this lovely landscaping addition.

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Share Your Love Of Gardening With The National Home Gardening Club

If you are a passionate gardener, then you may be looking to share and receive gardening advice. One of the most popular websites today is the National Home Gardening Club, at Social communities allow individuals the ability to network with others who share their interests, read about new products that interest them and view pictures of other people’s beautiful gardens. You’ll also be able to read informative newsletters and magazines that provide special tips on gardening.

Regular members of the National Home Gardening Club receive the Gardening How To Magazine, the ability to test new (free) gardening products, full access to the club website, a chance to win club giveaways, gardening tips from other members, professional answers to your gardening questions, free gifts, newsletters, books and videos. Life members of the gardening club receive all the same things as regular members, but with lifetime access. They’ll also get a Life Member ID card, key-ring, gardening mat, gloves and gifts valued at $165.

Premier Life Members receive all the benefits of regular life members, plus get a $45 gift certificate to, discounts from retailers, a free hotline with answers from a gardening expert, discounts on club seminars and garden events, free online vegetable/herb garden planning service for one year and travel discounts.

One of the perks for the National Home Gardening Club is “the ability to test new gardening tools and supplies — for free!” You may be wondering how often you’ll get products to try or what sort of items will arrive. According to members in the forums, most people test about once a year, although some years multiple products will come. One member says she received seeds, a pair of clogs, bottles of BBQ sauce, mulch, weed eater and a deck protector for the BBQ grill. Another member received cat grass seeds and a seed planter. A third member says she tested seeds, a seed-starting/mini-greenhouse kit, garden tools and a plant-marking stake. A fourth member got gloves, seeds, plant hangers and mosquito patches for testing.

The National Home Gardening Club isn’t the only organization you may choose, of course. There is also the Garden Club of America, Gardeners of America, the Men’s Garden Clubs of America, National Garden Clubs Inc and others. You can also find a number of gardening ideas and tips, and friends at social networking sites like or, which are entirely free to join. The problem with many online garden communities is lack of participation, so you’ll want to look around to find one that is thriving. The benefits of a club like the NHGC is that you can receive a number of gifts, discounts, contest giveaways, seeds and free products as you meet new friends and read informative garden advice articles.

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