New Home Design Trends in Different Regions

Have you noticed that when you visit friends or family who live in another state, they may have homes designed and constructed in a much different way than yours? New homes especially tend to reflect design differences not only based on demographics but also on the regional weather, lifestyle and location (urban, suburban or rural).

Homes located in areas where the weather is extreme and tends to go from one end of the spectrum to the other, say from very cold winters to hot and humid summers, stucco construction may not hold up well. Homes constructed in such areas tend to do better with stone or brick exteriors and vinyl or composite siding which can be maintained easily and are resistant to rotting. If the home is located in an area prone to flooding or storms they may need to be constructed at an elevation above the flood zone and hurricane clips can be used to secure the roof to a solid structure so that it will not fly away or collapse in strong gusts of air.

Besides weather, another factor that makes a difference in the design and style of a construction is how the area’s homes have been traditionally designed. Regional preferences tend to play a strong role in influencing home owners’ preferences for a particular design.

Even floor plans may differ with respect to where homes are built. Some areas in the US like the mid-west and eastern regions, entertaining tends to be indoors and in a more formal setting than the rather casual indoor or outdoor variety in the west.  Weather could also play a part in this. In the east, south and mid-western areas of the US, many homes have distinct living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. In some parts of Florida, the most dominant floor plan seems to be where kitchens open into family rooms and living room – dining room combinations are incorporated into the floor plan.

Indoor and outdoor living styles have also changed somewhat over the years. Homes constructed in seasonal weather areas used to have porches and patios which were screened in and became a sort of family room when the weather was good.  This is not usually done anymore because most homes have air conditioners, all over the country and not just in some areas. Now the screened or covered patio has become passé, and not really viewed as a necessity anymore.

Many new home traditionally included basements, but in some areas of the US such as the west coast, homes with basements are the exception and not the rule. Sometimes homeowners tend to construct garages instead of basements but homeowners who prefer basements just cannot seem to do without them because of the versatility that they offer – as a living space or for recreation and storage.

Whatever your design and construction preferences are, a new home offers you flexibility in terms of choice. You could either choose to use the regional favorite, or opt to stand out with a distinct design statement of your own.

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