Don’t Let Weather Spoil Your Landscape Design Plans

In this corner of Queensland, the weather can be very damaging at times. Despite that, it’s certainly possible to achieve amazing landscape design. The trick is to choose a design and plants that can withstand the sometimes horrible weather.

Don’t Endanger Your House With Well Intentioned Landscaping –

Sure, the idea of putting that large tree next to the bay window in your living room might sound appealing – and might look fantastic on paper – but the reality might be a bit more worrisome when you consider what could happen when a major wind storm occurs. A severe storm may uproot the tree and cause to to crash through the window. Due to Brisbane’s crazy weather, it simply isn’t smart to place large trees directly near a house; keep them set back a ways and have shrubs planted near the house. For this reason it is wise to get the right advice from a knowledgeable and experienced landscaping firm.

Avoid Creating A Flood-Friendly Environment –

A professional landscaping company will be aware of the pros and cons of using various landscaping techniques. A big one to look out for is the way in which you design slopes and retaining walls near your home, as well as the materials that you use. With all of the wild storms that happen in the region, it’s all too easy for massive amounts of rainfall to cause flooding.

Use Plants That Can Withstand The Elements –

Regardless of how stunningly attractive any given plant or flower may be, if it is too fragile to handle the occasional hail and other extreme weather that sometimes pelts Brisbane, think again. It would surely be a shame to invest a lot of money in a gorgeous bush or plant, only to have it annihilated by the next big storm that rolls through. On the other scale, it would also be a great shame to loose your plants due to our dry weather conditions. An experienced garden designer will be able to assist you in selecting hardy plants that can withstand our unpredictable weather conditions. In the end, your new landscaping will be attractive and will last a long time – and will ultimately be an even better investment in the long run.

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