Holiday Decor For The Holidays Outside

During the holidays decorating kicks up to a frenzied pace and sometimes getting the house decorated takes up all your energy. All you can be bothered to do is string some lights outside and call it a day. If you want to do more than put up a few lights for your outdoor decor this year then you need some new ideas.

If putting up lots of holiday themed lawn ornaments is not your thing then you might have some trouble even thinking of any decor for your garden. Some fairly simple ideas will help you to make your home look tastefully decorated for the season.


Wreaths might seem like obvious d├ęcor for the holidays but many people forget how a beautiful wreath can instantly add festive cheer to a house. If you’d like you could make your own or buy one. There are plenty to choose from around the holidays. Wreaths have evolved from very simple to elaborate and cool modern constructions of plain twigs. Take your pick and brighten up your door.

Welcoming Porch

If you have a porch then you have a great canvas for holiday decor. You can do any number of things with your porch during the holidays. Start with lights; you don’t have to go with the usual string of lights. Instead why not choose holiday themed lanterns. Lanterns don’t have to be restricted to Halloween. Find lanterns in white, silver, or gold and string them around your porch to add warmth.

At Christmas using holly (you can use plastic if your climate is not conducive to the real thing) and berries is a good idea. Wrap all the winter greenery around porch railings or any furniture that might be on your porch. Or you could start putting poinsettias on your porch; again these don’t have to be the real deal to look good.


Windows are another great place for decor. You can do a lot with windows around the holidays. Taping cutouts of snowflakes and other appropriate holiday themes decorations to your windows is one fun idea. Soft glowing lights make excellent decor for windows. You can use outdoor lights disguised as candles on window sills to create a soft glow at all your windows.

Critter Cheer

Give the birds in your area a helping hand and create some decor outside at the same time. Cover pine cones in peanut butter and hang them from festive ribbons on trees and your porch, instant bird feeder.

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