Rooster Décor

Country decor usually features different farm animals, and roosters seem to be a particularly popular item used in kitchen decor.  Roosters bring to mind golden images of bright sunny mornings on a lush green farm.  Gathering fresh eggs and long peaceful tractor rides.  Tall stalks of waving wheat and garden fresh vegetables.  Now, picture elements from this sunny scene greeting your family for breakfast each day.  What a refreshing way to welcome the day.

Country rooster decor gives homes a natural earthy appeal. The pieces have an effortless charm that is enhanced by their organic color palate.  Rust colored clay, red wine, golden wheat and fields of grass play to the beat of the unforced rhythms of country style.

Roosters are quite easy to incorporate with the colors already present in a kitchen.  Just adding a few simple items can change the entire feel of the room.  With the huge variety of items available, consumers can choose from contemporary Warwick style prints, elegant hand painted statues, functional utensils and whimsical figurines.  Popular styles have been made into sets that will easily transform any kitchen.  The Rise & Shine Rooster Collection showcases crisp farm colors like rich earth, bright sun rays, garden green and fresh cream. Each piece will add to the unhurried grace of your country home. This set features a hand painted chicken strutting around the farm yard. Dark brown swirls accent the boarders of these pieces.

Rooster decor has quickly spread from the kitchen to decor items around the entire house.  Stores now offer various rooster items including, but not limited to, lamps, clocks, wall art, pillows, rugs, and welcome signs.  By centralizing the theme of each room, it will give your home a cohesive feel as you walk through the rooms.  Guests will be greeted into a peaceful retreat where they immediately feel welcomed, relaxed and right at home.

Not only are roosters stylish decor pieces in your own home, they make charming gifts.  These simple farm yard friends will bring a smile to all who see them.  Their cheery disposition will brighten the hearts and homes of your loved ones.

If you are looking for a fresh, cozy look for your home, consider giving roosters try.  This style has been popular since ancient times.  Unlike fads that leave you constantly having to redecorate, rooster decor items will be stylish for many years to come.  By choosing these pieces that bring a smile your heart, you will be sure to have a pleasing home for many years to come.

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