Mini Herb Garden Is the Best Solution for Your Country

A mini herb garden is a great way to spruce up any garden. The best part about the mini garden is how easy they are to maintain. For those who want a great garden without having to tend to it every day, this is perfect for you. Many people tend to kill their herbs because they mess with the plants too much. Herbs are very hardy and forgiving plants and do best when allowed to mostly fend for themselves. The ones you need to pay the most attention to are the ones that are invasive by nature. These simply need to be contained.

Lavender and mint are examples of herbs, which are invasive by nature. They tend to be left out of a mini garden that includes a variety of herbs. This is because they tend to take over the entire garden. If you plan to include these herbs in your garden, you will want to take steps to contain them. The most common thinking on these herbs is to keep them in their own pot. If this is not feasible for you, consider using a divider like stones, or plastic sheeting.

The soil you plant your mini garden in should be low in nutrients and should also have lime in it. It is a good idea to mix sand into your soil, as it will help to retain moisture. This helps you not to have to water your plants as much. Before watering your plants, you should always check the moisture. To do this, press down on the soil with your finger. The soil should feel moist to the touch, not wet. If a puddle forms, your soil has too much water. If the soil feels moist, but the leaves look dry you need to mist them with a spray bottle.

A mini herb garden is versatile. You can plant it in almost any plot. Instead of stealing from neighboring plants, they tend to help. Being short in stature means they will not steal light or wind from other plants. They do not need much in the way of nutrients or water. This is great for you and wonderful for the other plants. When planted close to vegetables, herbs tend to flavor the product of those plants. This is a pleasant bonus for those looking to cook from their garden.

Cooks love the mini herb garden because of the way it produces herbs quickly. Shortly after planting, you will notice a sprout peaking out from the soil. Within a couple weeks, the stems will start growing leaves. Most herbs will be at full height within two months. This allows two plantings in a season if handled correctly. This is good news for the valentine’s chef who uses a lot of fresh herbs. It is not a big deal to kill off the plant by using the clippings.

One of the best things about the mini herb garden is it is well suited to those who are new to gardening. Herbs do better when they are not constantly poked and prodded. This means you do not have to go in every day and prune the plant. While pruning is important, it is best when done sparingly. The best idea when it comes to herbs is to check on them once a day. If they are doing well, you should leave them alone. You give them what they want and you will enjoy a great garden all season.

You should leave them alone. You give them what they want, and you'll enjoy a large garden throughout the season.

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