Processing Ideas for Plastic Bags

One of the more popular recycling ideas for plastic bags is to line your bathroom trash can with them. Here are some more clever recycling ideas.

1. Fill in gaps. Use plastic bags to fill in gaps around pipes, ducts and other wall or floor openings rather than filling the holes with spray foam or caulk.

2. Protect fruit. Tie plastic bags over nearly ripe fruit growing on a tree to keep out bugs and to protect them from a frost.

3. Apply waxes and creams. Plastic bags can be used like a mitt to wipe on furniture wax or polish. After that, use a soft cloth to buff to a shiny finish.

4. Transport plants. When you divide those hostas or peonies, use bags to carry the plants and keep the soil in place.

5. Seal a Interior Paintin can. When you are done Interior Paintining, place a plastic bag over the lid of the Interior Paintin can before putting it back on the can. This keeps any unwanted particles that have attached to the underside of the lid out of the Interior Paintin itself.

6. Keep you jeans clean. Cut holes in the bottom of two plastic bags and pull them over the legs of your pants like knee pads when you are gardening.

7. Make sure glue won’t stick to the wrong thing. When you use clamps on your latest woodworking project, slip a plastic bag between the clamp and the wood. Once the glue has dried on your project, you can slip the clamps off more easily.

8. Same time after a storm. If you suspect it is going to snow or sleet overnight, wrap a plastic bag around you side view mirrors on your car so they are free of ice when you need to get going in the morning.

9. Keep your dog or cat comfy. Take an old pillowcase and stuff it with some plastic bags. Sew up the end that is open and your pet will have a comfy bed to lie on when resting.

10. Organize hardware. Cut a plastic bag to fit neatly in your tool belt. This will keep nails and other small pieces from slipping deep into the seams.

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