Back Yard FirePits For Pleasure, Light And Warmth

Back in the old days firepits were a part of living and they are making a big come back in society today. They bring back memories of camping in the forest. The old bon fire on the beach or on the farm to warm the body after swimming or harvest is made in miniature and can be used every evening if desired. Burn a few marshmallows over the flame and converse about days gone by. Fire pits can be purchased just about anywhere today and they come in simple wood burning displays all the way up to unusual types built right in to the patio and come on with a flip of a switch. Not only can you purchase a fire pit but you can do it the old fashion way and dig your own.

Patio shops, hardware stores, and discount department stores all have fire pits for sale that are very portable. You can find them in iron, steel, clay and many other materials. It is possible to create your own pit that is permanently in your back yard of affixed to the patio. The only thing you have to do is decide if you want to use a wood burning pit or opt for a gas pit.

Nothing is more comfortable than the flickering light from the flames of a fire pit. These flames give off enough heat to keep everyone warm even if it is quite cold. You can cook food on a pit as long as it is equipped properly. Cooking on a wood pit gives the food a great flavor. You can buy portable pits that have a grill to place over top of the pit so you can use it like a barbecue. Should you build a pit yourself you can always include a grate that fits over top for cooking.

Portable fire pits that use wood as fuel are plentiful in the stores today. You can find them with iron legs that cradle a copper container on top. Wood is put in the container and set on fire and some models have a mesh screen that fits over top so that the embers will not escape and burn a wooden deck. You will pay about $40 to $150 for a portable wood burning fire pit. You can find them in a variety of pleasing shapes.

Gas fueled pits are also found in the portable variety or can be permanently built into the patio. Instead of using wood these pits are equipped to use gas to create flame. You only have to turn it on. It may require a match to start after the pilot has been ignited. One great thing about a gas fire pit is that no smoke comes from them so you do not have to worry about getting smoke in your face. They also do not need to be cleaned out because there is nothing in them to clean. Gas fire pits can be found in the same stores as the wood burning ones and they come in many different shapes and sizes but do require more money to purchase. About $150 to $300 will get you a nice portable gas pit and it will probably cost a bit more for one that is built into a patio.

If you want to build your own fire pit it can be done easily and cheaply. Pick a place in the yard that is not near anything that could remotely catch on fire from an escaping spark. Then check with the utility company to make sure there are no water or gas lines under where you wish to place the fire pit. Spray an outline of the shape you wish to make the pit on the ground with landscaping spray paint or any spray paint. Remove any turf that might be inside the confines of your shape then start digging to the depth of 1 foot making sure the sides of the hole are relatively straight. A perfect fire pit hole will be about 8 inches in diameter and about a foot deep. If you want to make a bigger pit you can but make it a little bit deeper the wider you go.

Once your hole is dug it needs to be lined with a substance that will keep it draining when it rains. In the bottom of the hole place four inches of gravel bringing it up the sides of the hole. Then over top place about four inches of sand. Around the edge of the hole you need to stack concrete pavers to about six to ten inches high. Other materials that can be used are blocks of cement, large stones and bricks. Make sure not to use any adhesive to stick them together because it is often toxic when it gets warm. You may find that the pit fills with water when it rains but it will drain soon. A wood burning fire pit needs to be cleaned once in a while so just dig out the burned material and replace some of the gravel and sand.

Your family will love any type of fire pit on your property from the simple hand made ones to the fancy gas variety. The dancing flames will lull your family and visitors into a sense of well being and happiness and your back yard will be the favorite of the neighborhood.

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