Deer Resistant Plants Can SafeGuard Your Garden

When it comes time to plant your garden, there are a few more things to consider other than what you are going to be putting into the ground. Because certain areas get overrun by wildlife, this may dictate exactly what is planted and how. If deer are a problem in your area, it may be best to consider setting up a perimeter with something like Angel’s Trumpet, a well known deer resistant plant.

Deer can do more damage than is possibly imaginable. If they find an area that provides them with feeding, they will continue to come back until that area is entirely bare. The wife and kids might think that they are cute the first time, but everyone will quickly realize that they are there to do nothing more than to eat everything that they can find.

While some may get a little aggressive and decide to turn it into open season, this is not the solution that we are after. Other solutions are available that will deter the deer from coming into the garden and at the same time still allow them not to be harmed. If done properly, the garden and the deer will coexist without the owner getting frustrated by the area being used as a feeding zone.

The one thing that has become very popular over the years is deer repellent. They come in two different forms and have been fairly effective at stopping deer from destroying plants. While there are probably just as many good ones out on the market as there are bad ones. The direct applications seem to be the better of the two if you are to go this route.

However, it is that repulsiveness that also makes gardeners weary of using these products. With ingredients such as garlic and eggs, it is easy to see why some people might not want that sprayed on their strawberry plants. It can definitely be washed off, but that does not change the fact that they know it was on there in the first place.

An idea that works just as well is to use plants to surround the area that deep do not like and recognize as being either repulsive or dangerous. Angel’s Trumpet looks and smells beautiful, but any deer that eats it will immediately feel ill. One quick taste should be enough to keep them away.

The reason a lot of people like using deer resistant plants instead of repellents is because they add to the beauty of the area and protect it at the same time. Integrating something like the Angel’s Trumpet is perfect because it not only look great, it smells incredible.

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