Planting Deer Resistant Plants to Protect Your Garden

While there is nothing like a beautiful garden, there is also nothing worse than the disappointment of looking out your window and realizing that the local deer just used it as their dinner table. Most people work long and hard to get their garden just the way they like it and having deer destroy it is not something anyone looks forward to. One of the ways that you can protect the garden is by using deer resistant plants.

One quick suggestion before we get into some recommendations would be to also put down some deer repellent. Regardless of how deer resistant a plant is, other plants and the garden in general are still at risk. This added step can often be the difference in them taking what is there or moving on to a different area.

While deer are known for ravishing plants, there is plenty of greenery that they will want nothing to do with. These items are the ones that you will want to concentrate around the perimeter of your garden if you are planting things that they will like. Hopefully, there mere presence will deter the deer from using your garden as a feeding ground.

Perennials regularly show up on charts as some of the most deer resistant plants. While there are things such as strawberries that will get gobbled up as soon as they blossom, spices such as Thyme, Tarragon and Anise are totally unattractive to deer. These are great plants to put around the perimeter, especially if you plan on having fruit in your garden.

Shrubs can also be very effective, especially because of their size. They can be used to compliment the overall look of the garden and to provide cover for some of the delicacies that they deer are looking for. Something like the Barberry shrub is ideal as deer will rarely touch them.

Bulbs are something else that fall into the “deer don’t like category.” The downside to them is that they do not fit into the landscape of some gardens and do not look aesthetically correct. As unappetizing at bulbs are, trees are almost considered a candy store. There are trees that they do not like, but trees like the Alternate-Leaves Dogwood are like an open buffet for deer.

Your local area may be filled with plants that deer love, and if that is the case, it will be a little more difficult to keep them off of your land. It will take a concentrated effort of both deer resistant plants and deer repellent to keep these “harmless” creatures away from your garden and treating it like the “all you can eat” special.

There is a lot of information in the Web where you can find deer resistant plants. It certainly is one of the great ways to keep the deer away from your yard. There are also recipes you can try and deer repellents you can try. Visit our site for more information on many options.

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